PetroVietnam Fertilizers and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) has launched two new product formulation lines, NPK PHU MY 18-12-8+ TE and NPK 18-10-8+8S+TE. The first batch of 5,000 (five thousand) tons of this product was successfully produced in November 2021 and immediately delivered to regions for the need in the Winter-Spring - Dry season of 2021-2022.

These are two NPK product formulas with high protein content, easy-to-digest nutrients, dissolve to help plants absorb nutrients quickly, avoid waste, very suitable in harsh weather conditions, lack of water. .. of the dry season, ideal for fertilizing crops: fertilizing in the dry season and early in the rainy season for industrial crops such as coffee, pepper, rubber...; seedling-laying stage (rice); fruit trees: post-harvest fertilization; short-term yields…

The product is also packed in high-grade, moisture-proof BOPP packaging, with clear labeling information in accordance with regulations, and is available in 25kg and 50kg bags to suit the specific characteristics of each region.

NPK Phu My 18-12-8+TE and NPK Phu My 18-10-8+8S+TE continue to contribute to diversifying the high-quality Phu My NPK product chain and contributing to the total output. Phu My NPK is experiencing spectacular growth in 2021, with an estimated figure exceeding 150,000 tons.

Here are some new product pictures:


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