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NPK Phu My – diminishing 3, augmenting 3



“Using NPK Phu My helps 3 reductions, 3 increases!” – that’s the conclusion drawn by farmers after a period of working closely with this product line from the PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo): It involves reducing fertilizer quantity, decreasing seed volume, cutting costs for plant protection drugs, thereby enhancing productivity, improving quality, and increasing efficiency…

Earning trust primarily due to its quality, Farmer Phan Kien Nghia from Ninh Xuan Sugarcane Station, Khanh Hoa, has been using NPK Phu My on his sugarcane fields for nearly 3 years. He mentioned that with 70 hectares of cultivated sugarcane annually, he uses around 80 tons of various fertilizers, with over half being NPK Phu My, mainly the 16-16-8+13S+TE type. He evaluated that since using NPK Phu My, both the quality and yield of sugarcane have significantly increased. According to him, the advantage of NPK Phu My lies in its high nutrient content, including trace elements, and slow-release properties, making it well-suited for sugarcane, aiding maximum absorption while effectively managing fertilizer usage. The increased sugarcane yields in recent years have brought satisfaction to him and numerous sugarcane farmers in the region. He expressed his intention to continue using NPK Phu My and other Phu My fertilizer products in the upcoming seasons.

“Farmer Phan Kien Nghia has evaluated that since using NPK Phu My, both the productivity and quality of sugarcane have significantly

Farmer Phan Kien Nghia evaluated that since using NPK Phu My, both the productivity and quality of sugarcane have notably increased. Mr. Nghia is also a prominent member of Bien Hoa – Ninh Hoa Sugar Joint Stock Company, having been an outstanding nationally recognized sugarcane producer for many years. Particularly in 2022, he was honored with a Commendation from the Prime Minister for his outstanding achievements in production labor.

As a major enterprise that has cooperated, trusted, and worked alongside NPK Phu My for the development of the sugarcane region in the Central Highlands over the past years, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Viet, Chairman and Director of Bien Hoa – Ninh Hoa Sugar Joint Stock Company, shared: The decision to invest in NPK Phu My for sugarcane farmers was based on the long-standing brand reputation, supplier scale, and quality. He emphasized that Phu My fertilizers, a prominent brand, have been proven through products like Phu My Nitrogen and recently, the NPK Phu My product line. “I believe it’s a complete supply chain, a strength that enables Phu My Fertilizers to become more competitive in terms of price and guaranteed quality, allowing farmers to confidently choose for their production,” Mr. Viet stated.

“Mr. Nguyen Quoc Viet – Chairman and Director of Bien Hoa – Ninh Hoa Sugar Joint Stock Company, highly appreciates the effectiveness that NPK Phu My brings.”

Over time, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Viet highly praised the effectiveness that NPK Phu My has brought to sugarcane in the region. The product meets customer demands for quality and competitive prices. “NPK Phu My has been a reliable companion in the strong development path of sugarcane cultivation in the Central region,” he mentioned.

Similar to the case with durian trees, a high-value fruit tree at present, NPK Phu My is also widely trusted for its visible effectiveness. In Khanh Hoa, durian trees in Khanh Son district are experiencing outstanding growth in terms of area, productivity, and quality. NPK Phu My has played a pivotal role in shaping and developing this agricultural brand over time. Durian trees using NPK Phu My result in high yields, beautiful appearance, great aroma, and most importantly, no fruit cracking or premature ripening. This year marks a “bumper crop” for durian growers as prices hit record highs, bringing immense excitement among farmers.

Farmers conclude that using NPK Phu My leads to 3 reductions, 3 increases! That is a reduction in fertilizer quantity, seed volume, and plant protection costs while increasing productivity, quality, and efficiency. As of now, NPK Phu My has gained widespread trust and usage among farmers nationwide.

“The NPK Phu My products for crops during the dry season.”

Introducing new formulas adapted to the dry weather conditions According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, the El Nino phenomenon is likely to continue into 2024 and could be even harsher than in 2023. The average temperatures are higher than normal, with intense heat, reduced rainfall by 25-50%, and early and deeper saltwater intrusion. This poses a high risk of water shortages, drought, directly impacting agricultural cultivation. Recognizing these difficulties, Phu My Fertilizers have researched and recently launched a special product line for the upcoming dry season, including NPK Phu My 16-8-8+TE; NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-7-7+TE, and soon, the new NPK Phu My 20-10-10+TE.

NPK Phu My products for crops during the dry season These aren’t unfamiliar formulae for farmers but have been fine-tuned by PVFCCo to be particularly suitable for the dry season, with smaller particle sizes (about 80% smaller than 3 mm) for quick and complete dissolution under water-saving conditions. They boast high N content, balanced P and K, and sufficient TE to enhance drought and wind resistance, promoting strong and comprehensive plant growth, quick recovery, numerous shoots, and thick, lush foliage.

Additionally, the market team is dedicated to advising and clarifying any concerns farmers have, helping them understand the cultivation techniques and selecting the suitable formulas for each crop and development stage to achieve the highest effectiveness.

With a vision for an efficient, sustainable agricultural production, Phu My Fertilizers in general, and NPK Phu My in particular, continue to improve to meet global trends and the specific desires of every farmer.

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