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New Vitality from PVFCCo’s 5S Program


36 views | 04/07/2024

The 5S program at the headquater of PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) is bringing new vitality, significantly improving work efficiency…!

Originating from Japan, the 5S model with the steps Seiri (Sort: S1) – Seiton (Set in Order: S2) – Seiso (Shine: S3) – Seiketsu (Standardize: S4) – Shitsuke (Sustain: S5) is known as a method to help create an efficient working environment in every agency and organization. However, the importance of 5S goes beyond that, contributing to enhancing people’s sense of responsibility, and professionalism in organizing work, and minimizing factors that cause stress often seen in the workplace.

PVFCCo has long recognized the importance of the 5S model and has early applied it at the production facility, the Phu My Fertilizer Plant. From the practical application and the effectiveness obtained at the Plant, the Corporation decided to implement this program at the headquarter. In 2021, PVFCCo established a team to implement and supervise the 5S program at the headquater, and issued the 5S Implementation Guide for the headquarter.

Sinh khí mới từ chương trình 5S của PVFCCo

**Implementation of 5S at PVFCCo  headquater**

PVFCCo aims to create a Professional – Safe – Green – Clean – Beautiful working environment at the Corporate Office through the 5S implementation: a better, cleaner, and more organized workplace, with documents and working tools sorted and arranged scientifically, enhancing safety and efficiency; while minimizing waste, saving costs for organizational activities as well as reducing physical, mental, and intellectual stress for employees.

Of course, the ultimate goal of 5S is not just to create a neat, orderly, clean, and aesthetically pleasing office in terms of appearance, but to truly enhance work efficiency. For example, if documents are just neatly arranged in glass cabinets but are not filtered to remove unnecessary ones, not organized scientifically (by time, subject, or object), and not labeled with clear information, then finding them when needed will take a lot of time, cause stress, and fail to achieve the desired 5S efficiency.

Sinh khí mới từ chương trình 5S của PVFCCo

**PVFCCo Rewards Groups and Individuals for Excellent 5S Implementation**

Digital transformation also plays an important role in 5S implementation. With the digitization of paper documents, the image of piles of documents and papers cluttering desks and cabinets, occupying significant office space and storage, gradually disappears. Instead, digital databases are organized scientifically so that anyone with access rights can quickly find the necessary documents, replacing the common scene of employees borrowing documents from other departments and sweating to find them in dusty storage rooms.

To successfully implement 5S and make it a workplace culture, PVFCCo’s 5S Implementation Team has organized training sessions for employees, launched 5S campaigns linked to building corporate culture, increased guidance and practice of 5S at all levels, emphasized applying digital transformation to 5S, and strictly implemented evaluation and reporting weekly and monthly, combined with timely rewards for individuals and groups with outstanding 5S achievements.

Thanks to the  hip’s determination and methodical solutions, the 5S program at PVFCCo’s  headquater has been yielding positive results; the awareness and practice of 5S among employees have continuously improved.

Sinh khí mới từ chương trình 5S của PVFCCo

**PVFCCo   Award Individuals for Excellent 5S Implementation**

Recent evaluations by the 5S Implementation Team show that the 5S work at the headquater has created a clear transformation and is well-maintained at all departments/offices; all working areas and common areas on all floors are clean and airy. This is something anyone visiting PVFCCo’s office can immediately feel. On every desk, not only are things neatly arranged, but also decorated with green plants and fresh flowers, contributing to beautiful scenery, creating an atmosphere full of positive energy, and making the spirit comfortable and cheerful. Consequently, the work efficiency of the headquater has significantly improved.

The 5S program has become a key to creating an efficient, civilized, and professional working environment at PVFCCo. Beyond that, PVFCCo employees are encouraged to apply 5S in their own homes, creating a modern, scientific, and loving home. This fosters an attitude where each new day is looked forward to: “eager to go to work in the morning, eager to go home in the evening.” That is true happiness, simple yet genuine!


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