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On May 28, the PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) announced and presented the appointment decision for the position of Vice President of the Corporation.

Attending the ceremony, on behalf of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam), was Mr. Lê Xuân Huyên – Member of the Party Standing Committee, Vice President of PetroVietnam. Representing PVFCCo were Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Hòa – Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Mr. Phan Công Thành – Deputy Party Secretary, Member of the Board of Directors, President & CEO, along with members of the Party Standing Committee, Board of Directors, Board of President & CEOs, Supervisory Board, and the leadership team of PVFCCo and its member units. The event took place at PVFCCo’s headquarters and was broadcast online to various units.

The ceremony announced and presented the decision to appoint Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương as Vice President of PVFCCo.

At the ceremony, the Board of Directors’ decision was announced and presented to Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương, Chief Accountant and Head of the Finance-Accounting Department, appointing him to the position of Vice President of PVFCCo, effective May 28, 2024.
Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương is a well-trained officer with extensive experience, having held various positions in regional companies and the parent company PVFCCo, serving as Chief Accountant and Head of the Finance-Accounting Department since 2016.
On behalf of PetroVietnam’s leadership, Mr. Lê Xuân Huyên congratulated PVFCCo’s leadership and Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương personally for gaining the trust and confidence of both the Corporation and PetroVietnam in this appointment. He urged the PVFCCo leadership team to continue their unity, cooperation, and support for Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương in his new role to fulfill his duties excellently. He also encouraged Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương to continue his efforts, enhance his skills, and remain dedicated to meeting the trust and expectations of PetroVietnam, the leadership, and the employees of PVFCCo. With the reinforcement of the Vice President position and this confidence, PetroVietnam hopes PVFCCo will soon overcome challenges, achieve growth, maintain its leading position, and contribute more significantly to the downstream oil and gas sector, PetroVietnam, and the nation, bringing the best benefits to shareholders, employees, and the country.

Mr. Lê Xuân Huyên, Vice President of PetroVietnam, spoke at the ceremony.

Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Hòa – Chairman of PVFCCo’s Board of Directors, speaking at the ceremony.

Mr. Phan Công Thành, President & CEO of PVFCCo, spoke at the ceremony.

In his congratulatory remarks and task assignment to Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương, Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Hòa – Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Phan Công Thành – Deputy Party Secretary, Member of the Board of Directors, President & CEO of PVFCCo, sincerely thanked PetroVietnam’s leadership, especially Mr. Lê Xuân Huyên, for their constant attention, support, and facilitation for PVFCCo. They expressed confidence that Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương, with his experience, expertise, and dedication to his work and the PVFCCo family, would quickly adapt to his new role, focusing on important tasks such as cost management, pricing, cash flow, and promoting profit growth in both production, business, and financial investment. They also assigned Mr. Trần Tuấn Kiệt, entrusted with overseeing the Corporation’s accounting and the Finance-Accounting Department starting from May 28, 2024, to adapt to ensure the Corporation’s “financial bloodstream swiftly” remains smooth. The Party Committee and the Corporation’s leadership will always support and assist the newly appointed and assigned officials in fulfilling their responsibilities, contributing to the Corporation’s overall success, and meeting the expectations of the employees and the trust of PetroVietnam.
In his acceptance speech, Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương expressed his honor at being entrusted with this important role by PetroVietnam’s leadership and PVFCCo’s management. He is deeply aware of the trust and expectations placed on him and committed to making every effort to fulfill his duties, hoping to always receive the support and guidance from PetroVietnam’s leadership, PVFCCo’s management, and the cooperation and assistance of the leaders of various departments, offices, and units of PVFCCo in the upcoming time.
The information regarding the decisions related to this appointment and assignment will be disclosed under legal timelines and regulations.

Mr. Võ Ngọc Phương – Vice President of PVFCCo, speaking at the ceremony.

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