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Phú Mỹ Garden celebrates its first anniversary, marking the beginning of a journey ahead.



As a result of a long nurturing process, a new product line targeting a completely new market segment and customers, Phú Mỹ Garden products by PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) have started to make an impression, receiving positive feedback and acceptance from customers.

Recognizing the inevitable trend of urban agriculture’s robust development, on November 18, 2022, PVFCCo introduced Phú Mỹ Garden fertilizer specialized for urban agriculture. This product line meets the criteria of ‘Convenience – Safety – Class,’ offering high-quality, diverse options suitable for various common urban crops, packaged in modern, convenient containers of different capacities.

After a year in the market, distributors, agricultural supply stores, gardening shops, and end consumers have shown positive responses towards Phú Mỹ Garden. Achieving this initial positive outcome required the urban agriculture division team at PVFCCo to overcome significant difficulties and challenges.

Mr. Lê Hoàng Huy introduced and provided guidance on using Phú Mỹ Garden products. He expressed that new ventures always face numerous challenges to gain acceptance. According to him, in the beginning, the urban agriculture division encountered difficulties in precisely identifying the ‘portrait’ of customers for this new product line. Understanding who they are, their thoughts, consumer habits, and influential factors in their buying behavior required in-depth research for appropriate outreach. The trading team had to change their mindset entirely, learning new approaches and adjusting procedures to fit this market segment. Additionally, the logistics, packaging, and distribution systems differed significantly from the traditional rural business sector.

Despite these challenges, the urban agriculture team had some advantageous factors. Firstly, the correct business strategy and marketing by the corporation were instrumental. PVFCCo recognized that the success of Phú Mỹ Garden was not just economic but also in expanding the brand’s fertilizer products into new urban areas, enhancing the corporation’s brand value. Additionally, the active support from the production department with new formulas, printing lines, and automated packaging significantly improved the product’s quality and presentation. Finally, the established brand strength of Phú Mỹ over 20 years contributed significantly to the introduction of this new product line.

However, besides robust support, the most crucial factor remained the determination and resolve of the urban agriculture team. Initially, launching the product into the market was challenging; there were instances when they faced rejection due to customers’ fear of fraud. Despite such setbacks, the team persisted in introducing the new product, aiming to persuade stores to trust in selling it.

After a year, nearly 150,000 Phú Mỹ Garden packages have reached the hands of ‘urban farmers’ through various distribution channels, including traditional avenues such as gardening shops and agricultural supply stores, as well as modern platforms like Shopee, Lazada, and supermarkets like Aeon Mall, ensuring nationwide customer service.

The market for products catering to urban agriculture, including fertilizers and other supplies like seeds, pots, soil, gardening tools, and bio-products, holds tremendous potential. Urbanization continues to accelerate, with city residents increasingly interested in creating green spaces, and small gardens at home for relaxation, aesthetics, consumption, and even business purposes. Recognizing this trend, PVFCCo aimed to provide comprehensive services, including design, construction, agricultural supply, regular care, harvesting, and marketing for urban agriculture products.

Phú Mỹ Garden marks the first step on a challenging road, but it promises to go a long way.”

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