How PVFCCo (stock code: DPM) strengthens relationship with shareholders.



Since becoming a publicly listed company, PVFCCo has always focused on developing its Investor Relations (IR) strategy as a means to bridge the gap between shareholders and the company.

Aiming for transparency, accuracy, timeliness, and fairness.

In the context of an increasing number of investors participating in the stock market, Investor Relations activities have become more crucial than ever.

From disclosing information to addressing investors’ inquiries, the company has the opportunity to shape its narrative. An effective IR strategy can narrow the distance between the company and its shareholders and potential investors, attracting new capital inflows and reinforcing the company’s reputation.

For PVFCCo, IR activities are always emphasized with principles of transparency, accuracy, and timeliness, ensuring fair treatment for all shareholders and safeguarding their rights.

“This helps the company improve the quality of governance and implementation according to sustainable business development standards, laying the groundwork for expanding collaboration networks with large, professional organizations and building trust among shareholders,” stated Dam Phu My.

In addition to complying with the information disclosure requirements, Dam Phu My also organizes various events to meet and address inquiries from shareholders and potential investors.

In 2022, Dam Phu My conducted more than 30 regular and on-demand meetings with shareholders, attended 5 forums and conferences to meet with investors both domestically and internationally and organized its annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Apart from regular quarterly activities, the Investor Relations department also holds online meetings with representatives of domestic and foreign investment funds, as well as analysts from major brokerage organizations, to provide updates on business performance and answer questions from interested investors.

Adapting to the disease and market fluctuations is crucial. During the past two years, the stock market and the fertilizer industry have experienced complex fluctuations, deeply affecting the overall operations of companies. This period was also impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced businesses to be flexible and adaptive to the situation.

In response to these challenges, the Investor Relations department shifted to online and direct forms of communication to connect and exchange information with shareholders and investors both domestically and internationally, utilizing various channels to ensure timely responses and updates.

The department systematically captures and reports the market’s concerns and shareholders’ suggestions to the highest leadership levels within the company, thanks to close coordination with relevant departments and the leadership team.

In their Investor Relations activities, Dam Phu My focuses on the business results of the company. Macroeconomic factors and changes in regulations indirectly or directly influence business operations. Financial results (or operational efficiency) are always the primary concern of investors and shareholders. It is also the core content of their investor relations work.

In addition to business results, Dam Phu My recently also focuses on activities related to sustainable development goals, including Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters, as investors are paying more attention to these factors when investing in companies.

This area is also of great concern to the leadership and employees of the company, as they want to ensure that the company’s growth goals align with the sustainable development goals of the agriculture and rural development sectors.

Due to their focus on information disclosure, PVFCCo has been honored at the IR Awards program organized by Vietstock and FiLi magazine for many years.

“Inviting investors to vote for the best Investor Relations (IR) activities of a listed company in 2023 for DPM on the website of the IR Awards 2023 program.

Duration: From July 20, 2023, to the end of August 3, 2023. Vote now: Awards:

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