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Farmers experienced a plentiful harvest season by placing their faith in Phu My NPK.



Since the first batch of Phu My NPK products produced by the PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) appeared on the market over 5 years ago. A relatively short journey, the Phu My NPK brand has asserted itself and gained the trust of the farming community.

Constantly improving the product line

The engineers of Phu My NPK Plant actively engage in field work and exploration to enhance and innovate the Phu My NPK products.

In parallel with the implementation of the state-of-the-art Phu My NPK Plant project, the most advanced in Vietnam, PVFCCo has focused on research investments to establish a portfolio of high-quality products that best meet the diverse needs of plant care throughout the country. PVFCCo collaborates with functional units, domestic and international scientists, conducts soil analysis, and maps out plant nutrition requirements. It conducts trials on various crop groups in each region to determine the most suitable NPK formula and care processes for specific soil conditions, growing seasons, and crop growth needs. As a result, prior to the commencement of plant operations, PVFCCo possesses a list of over 100 NPK formulas recognized by regulatory authorities for circulation. Additionally, PVFCCo also prepares raw material sources, refines product packaging, engages in marketing and communication efforts, establishes quality inspection, assessment, and monitoring procedures for products, and addresses customer complaints.

The engineers of Phu My NPK Plant attentively listen to the feedback and suggestions from local farmers.

Due to this approach, from the initial uncertainties when operating the first and only chemical NPK Plant in Vietnam, over the course of 5 years, the skills of the operational team have become increasingly proficient. They consistently produce high-quality Phu My NPK product lines with diverse formulas, sturdy packaging, attractive designs, and have swiftly gained the trust of farmers across all regions of the country.

Accompanying Abundant Harvest Seasons

In addition to enhancing production capabilities, PVFCCo consistently upholds a philosophy of sustainable development, balancing the interests of the business, customers, and society. The company remains dedicated to the nation’s agriculture and the well-being of farmers. Therefore, every year, PVFCCo allocates significant resources to organize agricultural promotion activities, provide technical guidance for cultivation, and promote the scientific use of fertilizers through various flexible and diverse forms. These activities range from direct engagement in villages with a few dozen closely-knit farmers, to large-scale events at the provincial or district level involving hundreds of participants, or even online activities conducted through social media platforms and communication channels. PVFCCo also implements numerous demonstration models, showcasing the use of Phu My fertilizers, distributing trial fertilizers, and ensuring seamless distribution and coordination of goods, ensuring wide coverage and product availability in each region. Through enduring rain and listening closely to the feedback from practical field usage on their own farms and neighboring villages, Phu My NPK products continue to gain recognition and high appraisal from customers. This trajectory has propelled them to the forefront of mixed NPK fertilizer brands in Vietnam, contributing significantly to fostering abundant harvest seasons.

Sharing his own story, Mr. Luu Van Dinh from Dong Loi hamlet, Dong Hiep commune, Co Do district, Can Tho city, states: “Before Phu My NPK appeared in the market, it was difficult for me to find reliable and high-quality NPK fertilizer that would bring about effective results. However, now I can easily purchase Phu My NPK from authorized distributors. Phu My NPK fertilizer has high quality and is very suitable for my fields, with reasonable pricing. The market representatives always listen attentively and address our farmers’ concerns. Whenever we have questions, they visit our homes or contact us by phone to provide continuous support, which makes me feel assured and confident. This year, the rice crop has been successful and the prices are good, so I am very pleased.” Mr. Luu Van Dinh reaped a bountiful harvest season by placing his trust in Phu My NPK products.


The main Phu My NPK lines include:

  • Phu My NPK 1-1-1 line: This is a Phu My NPK product line containing equal levels of nitrogen – phosphorus – potassium, which is suitable for many crops at different periods, helping plants to grow evenly, increase fruiting formation and achieve high yield. The formulae in this Phu My NPK line include: Phu My NPK 15-15-15+ TE, Phu My NPK 16-16-16 + TE, Phu My NPK 20-20-15+TE…
  • Phu My NPK 3-1-1/2-1-1 line: This Phu My NPK product line contains high nitrogen content, exclusively used in post-harvest recovery, top-dressing, dry season etc. to help plants recover, thrive and form buds and leaves. The formulae in this line include: Phu My NPK 20-5-5+ TE; Phu My NPK 20-7-7+TE; Phu My NPK 16-8-8+TE..
  • Phu My NPK 2-2-1 line: This is a Phu My NPK product line containing high contents of nitrogen and phosphorus, sufficient potassium, supplemented with intermediate nutrient S (sulfur) and micro elements (TE) such as iron, zinc, boron.., which is suitable for fertilizing rice at tillering stage, top dressing, fertilizing at the beginning of the rainy season for industrial crops such as coffee, pepper, rubber.., fertilizing post-haruest for fruit trees, short-term crops, leafy vegetables etc. Phu My NPK formulae in this line include: Phu My NPK 16-16-8+S+ TE; Phu My NPK 17-15-9+S+TE; Phu My NPK 17-17-8 + S+ TE…
  • Phu My NPK 2-1-2 line: This is a NPK product line containing high contents of nitrogen and potassium, sufficient phosphorus and supplemented with micro elements (TE) such as iron, zinc and boron, suitable for fertilizing during fruit production and panicle initiation of rice; where fruit formation rate is increased, premature fruit drop and cracking traits are suppressed, helping lengthen spikelets and fill rice grains. The formulae in this line include: Phu My NPK 15-5-20+TE; Phu My NPK 16-6-19+ TE; Phu My NPK 16-7-16 + TE; Phu My NK 16-7-17+TE; Phu My NPK 16-8-16+ TE; Phu My NPK 16- 8-17+TE; Phu My NPK 17-7-17+ TE…
  • Phu My NPK + microorganisms: It is an inorganic NPK product line containing beneficial microorganisms pioneered in research and successfully manufactured in Vietnam by PVFCCo, introduced to the market since the beginning of 2022. Beneficial microorganisms in spore form are incorporated into the fertilizer granules. When applied to the soil, they germinate and proliferate, contributing to soil improvement, enhancing fertilizer efficiency, and promoting environmental friendliness.
  • Phu My garden for urban agriculture, includes specialized product sets for fruit trees, flowers – ornamental plants, root vegetables and fruits, leafy vegetables, conveniently and elegantly packaged, distributed through various traditional and modern sales channels, suitable for “urban farmer” clientele.
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