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PVFCCo supports to the community during the pandemic



PVFCCo has come up with many solutions to ensure fertilizer supply, consulted on effective farming techniques, actively implemented many social security programs to contribute to the country's fight against the pandemic.

Ensure fertilizer supply, accompany farmers

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused a devastating effect on all aspects of the economy, society, and businesses, including PVFCCo. Nevertheless, PVFCCo has done a great job with a high sense of responsibility, determination to maintain production, applying organizational measures, forecasting, and prevention early and remotely.

Regarding production, in addition to the downtime for the turnaround, the complex of Phu My Fertilizer Plant and Phu My NPK Plant both operate safely, reaching maximum capacity, producing about 2,450 tons of Fertilizer nearly 1,000 tons of high-quality Phu My NPK per day. The coordination of production supply is also very smooth and reasonable even in social distancing in many places, so the entire quantity of manufactured goods is quickly brought to the consuming areas. Priority will be given to areas with high crops; there are many scenarios and contingency plans when the warehouse/port area encounters a blockade or epidemiological risk.

PVFCCo strengthens communications through online channels such as Hotline, Email, Website, Zalo, Facebook, Youtube …

In addition, in the situation that input costs for agricultural production fluctuated due to the epidemic's impact and the world market, PVFCCo coordinated with experts, authorities, the agricultural sector, and the medical sector. The local economy has implemented many forms and programs to guide effective and economic farming techniques and ensure safety against epidemics.  PVFCCo has implemented technical consulting programs, reducing crowd gathering, dividing the time frame for each farmer household; Thoroughly apply online interaction channels such as Hotline, Email, Website, Zalo, Facebook, Youtube… to access and process information related to product manuals, techniques, and other information. Moreover, the incorporation of weather forecasts and information in the field of agriculture has proven to work. PVFCCo's Facebook Fanpage "Phan Bon Phu My"  is currently one trusted channel where customers could find helpful tips and information.


In particular, for areas in isolation due to the epidemic, PVFCCo has actively updated instructions to help people recover production after the epidemic, updated information about the market to quickly access and apply in production and consumption of agricultural products. Simultaneously, PVFCCo focuses on enhancing gifts with practical value for farmers, from agricultural products such as manure spreader baskets, raincoats, workwear, and masks to essentials such as cooking oil, washing powder…


Promoting the cultural tradition of "responsibility-sharing."


Understanding the country's difficulties in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, farmers' struggles, and challenges of the agricultural industry, PVFCCo has made efforts to continue the cultural tradition of "responsibility-sharing" with meaningful social security programs. Right from the beginning of 2021, when the epidemic situation in Hai Duong spread with many infections, PVFCCo has urgently provided 500 million VND to the province to join hands in epidemic prevention. In June, to join hands with the whole country to "fight the epidemic like fighting the enemy," PVFCCo contributed VND 5 billion to the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund and organized a fundraiser to raise money for the pandemic.

Rice donation to support in Ho Chi Minh City of Thu Duc

Recently, when the epidemic situation gets more complicated, PVFCCo's employees have increased more direct and practical support activities. With a total value (in cash) of nearly 2.5 billion dongs. To the health sector and the frontline against epidemics in the South, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, PVFCCo donated equipment such as ventilators, patient monitors, refrigerators, masks, protective clothing, food…

PVFCCo's youth union quickly launched donations from employees and distributors and, by the beginning of August 2021, had donated a total of 35 tons of rice, 25 tons of vegetables of all kinds to the Fatherland Front Committee of Thua Thien Hue city.

Currently, PVFCCo is actively implementing several other meaningful activities with a budget of about VND 2 billion, bringing the total funding of PVFCCo for Covid-19 prevention activities to about VND 10 billion.

In the last months of 2021, PVFCCo is expected to continue implementing emergency programs to help disadvantaged lives and life events and long-term activities such as housing, building schools, scholarship programs; build hospitals, medical stations…


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