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Everyone dreams of living in a clean and beautiful green environment, with surrounding parks and vegetable gardens with ponds right within their own homes. But in our country’s urban conditions, where land is scarce and valuable, that dream is becoming increasingly distant. According to recent statistics, the green space per capita in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is currently only about 2 square meters per person, with efforts being made to increase it to 3-4 square meters per person. This is far below the United Nations’ general standard of 40 square meters per person.

Experts have found ways to address this scarcity of green space by utilizing every available space within each house, transforming them into small and beautiful parks and gardens.

Due to the limited floor area of houses and apartments in the city, the main trend is to develop vertical greenery instead of horizontal greenery. This way, on the same floor area, a vertically oriented garden can be created, which is several times wider than the floor area itself.

Of course, the design of such a garden must be carefully calculated to ensure sufficient light for the plants. With a vertical garden, the installation of an automatic watering system is also quite convenient, saving both effort and water.
Beneath the foot of the trees, empty spaces can be arranged for ornamental fish ponds or fish ponds for consumption. The shade from the trees provides a cool environment for the fish pond, and the water from the fish pond can be used for irrigation, cleaning the pond, and providing natural nutrients for the plants, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. The fruits of these efforts are fresh flowers, clean vegetables, and clean fish for urban residents.

This is the model of urban agriculture. This model helps compensate for the shrinking agricultural land in rural areas, creates ecosystems and microclimates within each house, contributes to CO2 absorption, and increases oxygen. It also helps people relax their minds with gentle physical activities and yields result that serve their own lives.

The most common issue for urban residents is a lack of farming skills, especially a lack of knowledge about using fertilizers for plants. Often, people rush to buy plants from gardening stores, purchase fertilizer packages, and apply them based on intuition, without knowing the type of fertilizer, its nutrients, the proper ratio, or the appropriate amount to use, and so on. As a result, it is common for the plants, instead of thriving with lush green foliage and blooming flowers, to wither and die.

Recently, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo), with its well-known brand Phu My Fertilizer, has introduced a line of premium fertilizers specifically designed for urban agriculture, with the criteria of “Convenience – Safety – Excellence.” The product line consists of 5 sets:

  • Fertilizer for ornamental plants combo (NPK Phu MY 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE)
  • Fertilizer for root vegetables combo  (NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE)
  • Fertilizer for leafy vegetables combo (Phu My Urea + Kebo; NPK Phu My + Biowish 16-16-8+13S+TE)
  • Fertilizer for fruits combo (NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE)
  • Organic fertilizer products for different crops.

NPK Phu My products for urban agriculture are produced with balanced nutrient formulas suitable for commonly grown plants in urban areas. Phu My Urea + KeBo is a combination of urea nitrogen supplemented with Zinc (Zn) to promote plant health and Boron (B) to enhance pollination and fruiting. NPK Phu My + Biowish contains high-density microbial spores of Bacillus spp. that decompose cellulose. When applied to the soil, these NPK granules provide nutrients like conventional NPK fertilizers, while the microbial spores within the granules germinate, grow, and decompose organic matter in the soil, making it fertile, loose, and water-retentive, thus promoting root development. These products are in the form of easily soluble granules, convenient to use, and provide fast results.
NPK Phu My products, which are familiar to farmers, now have a completely new appearance to cater to urban residents. They come in modern and convenient packaging with various options for quantity (200g, 500g, 1kg), specifically designed for different commonly grown plant groups in urban areas, such as leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, and ornamental plants. Clear and detailed usage instructions are printed on the packaging. These products are widely distributed in urban agricultural supply stores, supermarkets, and various online platforms. Customers can easily access and choose the appropriate fertilizer, open the package, and use it according to the instructions on the packaging to provide the best care for their plants.
From now on, the gardens, rooftops, balconies, and homes of urban households will transform into beautiful green gardens, and mini-parks, creating refreshing microclimates within the city and each home.

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