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An exciting Traditional Sports Festival of PVFCCo – the 10th time



On the occasion of the130th anniversary of the International Labor Day, and the 126th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh”s birthday and the Worker Month 2016, from 23rd to 28th May 2016, the Trade Union of PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) held PVFCCo”s Traditional Sports Festival 2016 – the 10th time with the participation of roughly 600 athletes of the Trade Unions of PVFCCo nationwide.

In the afternoon of May 28th, at the general-purpose Culture – Sports Centre of Phu My Fertilizer Plant, the ceremony for awarding prizes in PVFCCo”s Traditional Sports Festival took place. Joining in the ceremony, as for the Trade Union of the Vietnam Petroleum Industry (PVN), attendees included Mr. Nguyen Manh Kha – Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of Petroleum Industry. As for PVFCCo, attendees included Mr. Le Cu Tan – Secretary of the Party”s Committee, PVFCCo”s Chairman; Mr. Doan Van Nhuom – Deputy Secretary of the Party”s Committee, PVFCCo”s President & CEO; Mr. Le Van Quoc Viet – Member of the BOD, PVFCCo”s Vice President; Mr. Duong Tri Hoi – Member of the BOD, PVFCCo”s Vice President; Mr. Hoang Viet Dung – PVFCCo”s Vice President; Mr. Tong Xuan Phong – Chairman of PVFCCo”s Trade Union, Head of the Sports Festival”s Organization Committee. The ceremony was also attended by leading representatives of member companies, the Executive Board of PVFCCo”s Trade Union, organizations and especially 28 teams of nearly 600 athletes.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tong Xuan Phong – Chairman of the PVFCCo”s Trade Union, Head of the Organization Board reported: PVFCCo”s Traditional Sports Festival is held every 2 years, aiming at not only fostering the sports practice movement, improving health but also maintaining “the spiritual dish” to encourage employees to work enthusiastically, which contributes to the fulfillment and excess of the business plan in 2016 of PVFCCo”s Employees.

The competitions in this Sports Festival included: swimming, table tennis, football, badminton, tennis, Chinese chess, chess, athletics, tug of war, etc. As in previous Sports Festivals, tug of war, the most attractive, exciting and dramatic contest, was organized by the Organization Board on 28th May with the support of numerous fans. Indeed, the competitions “equal in talent and strength” with the sound of shouting and supporting of the teams” enthusiastic fans made the atmosphere at the sports centre very exciting.

After a week of exciting competitions, athletes (as individuals and teams) of participating units were awarded prizes for their achievements by the Organization Board of the Sports Festival.

At the ceremony, following the tradition of mutual support and care for the Employees and on the occasion of the Worker Month, the Trade Union of the petroleum industry offered support to 10 PVFCCo”s Trade Union members facing adverse circumstances; especially, the PVFCCo”s Social Security Fund, PVFCCo”s Trade Union and PVFCCo”s Leadership presented Mr. Mai Van Chinh – a worker of Phu My Fertilizer Plant, who is suffering from a serious disease, with the amount of 90 million VND. 

Speaking at the ceremony,Mr. Le Cu Tan – Secretary of the Party”s Committee, PVFCCo”s Chairman – emphasized that the Traditional Sports Festival is an extremely  meaningful activity joined eagerly by numerous Employees. This activity indicates the care for Employees” life in terms of culture, spirit and health improvement. Simultaneously, the Sports Festival is an occasion for employees nationwide to meet, share experiences and learn from one another. Accordingly, it significantly makes the Employees feel assured, work more efficiently and enthusiastically, generate more initiatives and technical improvements.


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