Using scientific fertilizers to revive the ‘kingdom of Pink tangerines’


302 views| Ngày 14/5/2023 On May 14, 2023, fertilizer companies will accompany farmers in implementing a model that utilizes safe and cost-effective fertilizers, contributing to the restoration and preservation of the ‘kingdom of Pink tangerines’ in Lai Vung.

Pink Tangerine is a specialty plant in Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province. In early 2023, the People’s Committee of Lai Vung district, in collaboration with the Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper, organized a highly successful festival celebrating the precious Lai Vung pink Tangerine . With suitable climate and soil conditions, Lai Vung pink Tangerine bear large, seedless fruits with thin skin, attractive color, juicy, fragrant, and a unique taste that is hard to match anywhere else.

Nông dân Đồng Tháp sử dụng phân bón an toàn, hiệu quả, góp phần thực hiện Đề án 'Bảo tồn quýt hồng huyện Lai Vung giai đoạn 2021 - 2024'. Ảnh: Hồ Thảo.

Dong Thap farmers use fertilizers safely and effectively, contributing to the implementation of the Project “Conservation of Pink mandarins in Lai Vung district in the period of 2021 – 2024”. Photo: Ho Thao.

However, since 2019, the outbreak of yellow leaf curl and root rot diseases on citrus trees has led to a crisis for Lai Vung pink mandarins. The area under cultivation, which was over 2,000 hectares in 2010, has significantly decreased, with some periods seeing only a little over 200 hectares of Lai Vung pink mandarins remaining.

In response to this situation, the People’s Committee of Dong Thap province has developed a plan called “Conservation of Lai Vung Pink Mandarin from 2021 to 2024” to restore and promote the sustainable development of pink mandarin trees. The plan includes 7 implementation solutions, which encompass zoning, scientific and technological advancements, training and education, information dissemination and communication, mechanization of production, agricultural techniques, production and supply of seeds, and the production and supply of organic fertilizers.

To participate in the implementation of the conservation plan and the restoration of pink mandarin trees, the Southwest Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Joint Stock Company has collaborated with local farmers in the Lai Vung district to deploy various models of using safe and effective fertilizers in pink mandarin cultivation.

Thạc sĩ Phạm Quý Ninh chia sẻ tại tọa đàm về bảo tồn và phát triển bền vững vùng trồng quýt hồng Lai Vung do Báo Nông nghiệp Việt Nam thực hiện. Ảnh: Hồ Thảo.

Master Pham Quy Ninh shared at the seminar on conservation and sustainable development of the Lai Vung tangerine growing area conducted by the Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper. Photo:  Ho Thao.

Master Pham Quy Ninh, Deputy Head of Sales (Southwest Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of the Petrovietnam Fertilizer and Petrochemicals Corporation), stated that the model of collaboration with farmers in using fertilizers in a safe and effective manner has successfully met the criteria for cost-effective fertilizer usage. As a result, productivity and the quality of Lai Vung pink mandarins have significantly improved.

“During this period, we have observed several remarkable points. Firstly, in terms of fertilizer quantity, farmers have used it in a scientific and significantly more efficient manner. Secondly, the production cost of Lai Vung pink mandarins has reduced compared to the traditional methods used by farmers in the past. And thirdly, the quality of the pink mandarins has greatly improved in terms of aesthetics, sweetness, and fruit size,” shared Mr. Pham Quy Ninh.

According to Mr. Ninh, the company and the Plant Protection Department have agreed that this program will continue for a period of 3 to 5 years. If the weather conditions remain favorable and local authorities continue to cooperate enthusiastically, the company will continue to implement this model in the following years. The collaboration with the Plant Protection Department and the local agricultural sector ensures a high level of confidence in carrying out the enterprise model.

Chất lượng và quy trình sử dụng phân bón khoa học là yếu tố rất quan trọng giúp cây quýt hồng phát triển bền vững, cho năng suất, chất lượng cao. Ảnh: Kim Anh.

The quality and process of using scientific fertilizers is a very important factor to help the pink mandarin tree grow sustainably, with high yield and quality. Photo: Kim Anh.

Speaking about the prospects of the project to restore the “pink Mandarin kingdom,” Mr. Ninh emphasized that as a supplier of agricultural inputs, the company is highly interested in the project. Additionally, the company will provide fertilizers directly to cooperatives and large-scale farmers to strengthen the connection between the company and the local farmers. This approach will assist the pink mandarin trees in developing steadily according to local recommendations and standardized processes. Furthermore, the company can offer fertilizer products to benefit both parties and harmonize the interests of the farmers.

“We hope that the local area can not only restore 200 or 500 hectares. If conditions are favorable, we hope the region can expand the area even more. The Southwest Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Joint Stock Company is ready to meet the input demands of the farmers as they restore the pink mandarin cultivation in the locality,” shared Mr. Pham Quy Ninh.

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