In recent years, durian trees have become one of the main crops and specialties of Khanh Son District, Khanh Hoa Province, helping farmers earn high income. The durian growing area has been constantly expanded (So far, the District has more than 600 hectares dedicated for durian growing). The investment is growing exponentially on scale, with increasing focus on productivity and quality and Khanh Son durian has established its own brand thanks to highly delicious quality, nice appearance and satisfaction of strict requirements of the market.

In an effort to help farmers grasp advanced cultivation techniques to produce durians in compliance with Vietgap standard, with orientation to Globalgap standard and develop the most effective planting and fertilization process with Phu My fertilizer for durian trees, Central PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Joint Stock Company (PVFCCo Central) and Khanh Hoa Province Sub-Department of Cultivation and Plant Protection has co-developed the demonstration model using Phu My fertilizer on durian trees at Khanh Son District since April 2018.

On the morning of 20 July 2018, after more than three months of implementation and durians started yielding fruits for harvesting, the organizers and garden owners jointly held a summary workshop to evaluate the effectiveness of the model. Attendees of the workshop included Ms. Trinh Thi Thuy Linh – Director of Khanh Hoa Province Sub-Department of Cultivation and Plant Protection, Mr. Kieu Xuan Bong - Director of Phu Khanh Agricultural Materials JSC., representatives of PVFCCo Central as well as of local authorities and more than 90 durian growers in Khanh Son District.

At the workshop, Mr. Le Anh Quang (a garden owner) said: "For the first time of using Phu My fertilizers, I have noted their outstanding efficiency as compared with the control model (using other fertilizers at the same ratio and nutrition content). On the 0.5 hectare of durian used for demonstration, trees which suffered from serious malnutrition in past years have improved substantially with Phu My fertilizers, including Phu My Urea, Phu My NPK 16-16-8 + 13S + TE, Phu My NPK 15-15-15+TE and Polysulphate. These durian trees have not only revived vigorously but also yielded high productivity, nice appearance, delicious quality, good taste and most importantly, their fruits are not cracked and flesh not hardened. The quality of Phu My products is very good for durian trees, for the same volume of fertilization, durian trees using Phu My fertilizers grow better and give higher yields. I expect to earn more than VND 1 billion from 1 hectare of durians this year. In the future, I will keep using Phu My fertilizers and expand feeding to all kinds of plants such as green-skinned grapefruits, mandarins, mangosteens ... on the total area of 3 hectares.”

After visiting the gardens and enjoying durians from the two demonstration and control models, Ms. Trinh Thi Thuy Linh highly rated the effectiveness of Phu My fertilizers in terms of productivity and quality. At the workshop, Ms. Thuy Linh also told farmers that, after garlic in Ninh Hoa and mango in Cam Lam, the benefit of Phu My fertilizers also extends to durian trees in Khanh Son Mountainous region. These are specialties that Khanh Hoa province has paid much attention to develop the area and build branding. Accordingly, Phu My fertilizers have been shown to be suitable and effective for all kinds of crops in Khanh Hoa province.

To further promote these good achievements, PVFCCo Central expects to continue demonstrating Phu My fertilizers on durian trees for at least one year to ensure sustainable efficiency in durian cultivation. At the same time, the demonstration model will be expanded to other typical trees such as purple sugarcane (with more than 500 hectares at Khanh Son District) and green-skinned grapefruits (with more than 800 hectares at Khanh Vinh District) in order to build a sustainable cultivation process using Phu My fertilizers on key crops at these locations. Beside technical measures, PVFCCo Central has also flexibly applied proper programs to promptly supply Phu My fertilizers to farmers in the region.

Below are some photos:

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