With desires to continue innovating and improving quality of contents and information communicating the role and position of Oil and Gas industry, and to reflect more lively and sophisticated upon business activities and all the aspects of the people"s lives in this industry, today, the Editorial Boards of New Energy Newspaper and Petrotimes.vn e-newspaper – the mouthpiece of Oil and Gas industry and directly under Vietnam Oil and Gas Association – issued an InvitationLetter for cooperation, reports, news, photos, and opinions, etc. from scientists, managers, engineers, experts, and officers, etc. that worked or have been working in Oil and Gas industry in general and PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Joint Stock Company in particular.

For sharing news, reports, photos, and opinions, please send to the email: nangluongmoi@petrotimes.vn or the Editorial Board of New Energy Newspaper at the following address: Floor 4, VPI Building, No. 167 Trung Kinh, Cau Giay District,Hanoi City.

We"d like to announce this so that staffs and officers of the Corporation may participate in cooperating and sharing news and opinions with the Newspaper of Oil and Gas Industry.

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