(Source: Pvn.vn) In the morning of August 29th, 2015, in Ha Noi, PetroVietnam solemnly celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (3/9/1975 - 3/9/2015) and the 4th patriotic emulation congress.

To mark the day, the most powerful leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the State of Vietnam, the Nationaly Assembly and the Government of Vietnam have sent bouquets of congratulations flowers to all the entire staff of PetroVietnam.

Attending the ceremony were the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam & Vice President of the National Assembly Uong Chu Luu, the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam & Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Vietnam & Minister for Foreign Affairs Pham Binh Minh,the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam & Minister for Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang and some leaders from other ministries, sectors and social and political organizations at the central level, leaders from some provinces, cities and embassies having established a cooperation relationship with the oil and gas sector.

PetroVietnam was represented by Deputy Party Committee Secretary, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors, President & CEO Nguyen Quoc Khanh, other members in the BOD, the Board of Management together with leaders of some social, political and occupational associations, leaders of subsidiaries, formers leaders and nearly one thousand people representing more than six thousand employees of the oil and gas sector.





The member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam & Vice President of the National Assembly Uong Chu Luu extended his warm congratulations and gave some directions to PetroVietnam

Representing PetroVietnam, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh presented a brief report on 40 years of achievements of PetroVietnam and another one on patriotic emulation movements launched by PetroVietnam in the period of 2010-2015. Over the past 40 years of development under the precise directions of the Party and the Government, generations of PetroVietnam’s employees have made every effort to overcome many difficulties and challenges to successfully accomplish the assigned tasks and promote a comprehensive development of the oil and gas sector from search, exploration, extraction, petrochemical services, electricity as well as high quality oil and gas services. PetroVietnam has made remarkable achievements, contributing significantly to the causes of industrialization, modernization and energy security of the country; the State budget and the socio-economic development of the country; played the leading role in integrating into the global economy, and participated proactively and effectively in the protection of sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of Vietnam in the Eastern Sea and took a crucial role in performing the Vietnam strategy on the sea. The oil and gas sector has developed highly-skilled, well-motivated, creative and flexible workforce who have experienced compulsory basic training and can meet work requirements.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh reported achievements over the past 40 years of PetroVietnam.

Contributions of the collectives and individuals of PetroVietnam to the country have been recognized by the Party, State and the people. PetroVietnam has also been presented a lot of prestigious awards. The Gold Star Orders for two collectives, the Ho Chi Minh Order and Ho Chi Minh prize in science and technology for other two collectives, the “Hero of Labour” title for eight collectives and five individuals, eight Independence Medals at different classes, one Military Cross and three Fatherland Defense Orders were presented. Medals and certificates of merit were also conferred to many collectives and individuals of PetroVietnam.

The sixteen most outstanding collectives of the patriotic emulation movements over the past 4 years and forty excellent individuals

The driving force behind the remarkable achievements of PetroVietnam in the past time is patriotic emulation movements. The 4th patriotic emulation congress is an occasion to sum up accomplishments of the patriotic emulation movements in the period of 2010-2015. This is the stage which has seen striking developments of PetroVietnam over the past 40 years. Different kinds of patriotic emulation movements have been widely launched throughout worksites and factories domestically and internationally and have resulted in practical outcomes with over 2,600 initiatives in technologies and the streamlining of the production process, saving hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of billions of Vietnam dongs. The patriotic emulation movements also served as the driving force to cause the investment projects to finish as scheduled and accomplished requirements in terms of safety, quality and effectiveness.

In order to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions of the “fire and resources seekers” for the development and the aspiration for self-strengthening of Vietnam, PetroVietnam have launched a wide variety of emulation programs such as “Typical entrepreneurs of the oil and gas sector”, “Typical employees of the oild and gas sector”, “Early finishers” etc. At this patriotic emulation congress, PetroVietnam praised the 16 leading groups of the movements in the past five years, 40 outstanding individuals representing the 40 years of the founding and development of PetroVietnam and 54 good individuals representing 54 years of the Traditional Day of Vietnam Oil and Gas sector.

Prof. Dr.Sc Ho Sy Thoang, the former President & CEO of PetroVietnam, expressed his belief that the current workforce of the Oil and Gas sector will uphold the glorious traditions to make new achievements.

On behalf of PetroVietnam, the President  & CEO Nguyen Khanh Toan has expressed his sincere gratitude to those who have shared all difficulties and challenges with the sector over the past 40 years.  He has also thanked the Communist Party, the State, Ministries, Departments and Associations at national level, provinces, cities, people and soldiers throughout the country and the oversea friends who have provided great support so that PetroVietnam can establish a firm foothold in the market and grown up today. He emphasized that the current workforce of the sector can proudly look back on all the obstacles they have overcome and attribute the remarkable achievements of the oil and gas sector to the tolerance and creation of the most favorable conditions of the Communist Party, the State and local people apart from their unremitting attempts, the team vigor and cohesion of various generations of the workforce. The workforce of the Oil and Gas sector promises the Party and the people that they will continue to make effort at work, enhance their expertise and improve their work ethics to successfully the Strategy for development of the oil and gas sector until 2025 and a vision to 2035 according to the Resolution of the Politburo, which will, in turn, make bigger contributions to the development and protection of the country, promote the prosperity of Vietnam and help it keep abreast of powerful nations in the world as the teachings of our beloved late President Ho Chi Minh.

The excellent engineer Dinh Chi Danh, Technical Manager of the Operating Workshop of Nhon Trach Petrovietnam Power Joint Stock Company was being interviewed at the meeting hall.

On behalf of the Party and the State, the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam & Vice President of the National Assembly Uong Chu Luu has expressed his heartfelt regards and congratulations to all the PetroVietnam’s leaders and staff of different periods.

“On behalf of the leaders of the Party and the State, I would like to acknowledge and highly appreciate the drastic and effective leadership and direction of the management and the endeavours of the entire workforce of PetroVietnam. I would like to express my congratulations to the great achievements PetroVietnam has made over the past few years. I expect that PetroVietnam will continue to overcome upcoming hardship and challenges, show more proactiveness and creativeness, uphold the traditions of the Hero of Labour and follow the accomplishments ever made to complete the objectives of the 11th National Party Congress together with the country”, he spoke. He emphasized that thanks to the team vigor and cohesions as well as unremitting attempts of the numerous generations of the workforce since the foundation of PetroVietnam on September 3rd, 1975, PetroVietnam have overcome all difficulties and hardship to turn it into a powerful incorporation and to make great contributions to the development and protection of the country.

Mr. Uong Chu Luu requested all the entire workforce of PetroVietnam to uphold the patriotic spirit and the traditions of the sector, define tasks and feasible measures to successfully the development strategy of Vietnam Oil and Gas sector to 2025 and a vision to 2035 as defined by the Politburo in the Resolution No. 41 dated July 23rd, 2015. The following main tasks need to be done:

Firstly, to awake the relevant people to the spirits of the Party Resolutions, the strategy of socio-economic development for the period of 2011-2020, the development strategy for the Oil and Gas sector and the development strategy of PetroVietnam etc. to turn them into action plans with creative measures to successfully meet the targets.

Secondly, to keep watch on any movement of crude oil price in the world and construct likely scenarios and corresponding measures; play a proactive role in responding to events and in cooperating with joint venture partners domestically and internationally, oil and gas field operators to optimize oil and gas extraction and mitigate operating costs for the sake of the State and investors; ensure sufficient crude oil production to meet social and economic requirements effectively; hoard cheap crude oil and petroleum products to ensure energy security and effective investment of PetroVietnam.

Thirdly, to play a proactive role in integrating into the global economy, contributing to enhancing the position and role of PetroVietnam step by step among the world’s oil and gas companies; focus on improving the added value of petroleum products; monitor the progress of important projects closely.

Fourthly, to promote the reorganization of this state-owned enterprise in line with the regulations and in an effective manner; to intensify the training of high-quality human resources and application of advanced technologies to meet with the requirements of production, business and integration into the global economy; to continue the promotion of administrative reforms, prevent bureaucracy and corruption; to adopt thrifty practices and fight against lavish spending; make sure the party committee and divisions of PetroVietnam become strong and clean units; to cooperate with Ministry of National Defense and the relevant forces to effectively safeguard the country’s sea and island sovereignty.

On behalf of the Party Committee, leaders and the entire employees of PetroVietnam, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh expressed his gratitude for the incisive comments and specific directions of the Vice President of the National Assembly, and promised to take them seriously and turn them into actions with an aim to enhancing the role of PetroVietnam towards the socio-economic development of the country, the position and image of PetroVietnam and Vietnam in the world.

At this anniversary and the 4th patriotic emulation congress, on behalf of the party committee and the leaders of PetroVietnam, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh has officially launched a patriotic emulation movement with a view to accomplish all tasks and plans of the period of 2016-2020 ahead of the schedule. In a short term, the party committee will concentrate on promoting creative labour, administrative reforms, thrifty practices and introduce an austerity policy with imperative measures and effective responses to the plummeting oil prices. PetroVietnam will make every effort to finish the 2015 tasks at their best, follow late President Ho Chi Minh"s moral example and teachings. All the entire workforce of PetroVietnam, especially officers and party members will have to promote solidarity and cohesion as foundation and extensive changes, professional workforce development and investment in advanced technologies as tools to foster faster, stronger and more sustainable developments of PetroVietnam.

Tiến Dũng

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