The Labor Union of Petrovietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) awarded and exhibited incredible works of art at the "Phu My's Rose in the 70s" art contest.

Photo contest "Phu My's Rose in the 70s" organized by the Labor Union and the Women's Union of PVFCCo. This competition is also a part of a meaningful celebration towards the 18th anniversary of the Corporation's founding day (28.3.2003 - 28.3.2021).

Mr Le Cu Tan - General Director of PVFCCo (rightmost) and Mr Tong Xuan Phong - Chairman of Trade Union awarded the awards to representatives of Phu My Fertilizer Plant's Trade Union Women's Union and Trade Union Women's Union Office Division Corporation - 2 groups of authors whose work won the B prize.


Mr Tong Xuan Phong - Chairman of the Corporation's Trade Union, said that after more than a month of implementation, the artistic photo contest "Phu My Rose with the 70s" received an enthusiastic response PVFCCo women everywhere. Most of the works are carefully invested, created in both content and art. Visuals are exceptionally vivid.

The contest not only created a new playground but also conveyed the message of preserving and promoting the cultural values ​​of Vietnamese women in the past and present, including the Ao Dai culture honored by the world as "The intangible cultural value of humanity".

The contest created cohesion, a vibrant, joyful, and happy atmosphere, deepening cultural values ​​in the PVFCCo family.

The contest also attracted the attention of many PVFCCo employees and the community through voting on social networks. Within five days since the poll was announced, the Organizing Committee statistics had 175 shares with nearly 7,000 likes, thousands of comments.

The contest also suggested to the Labor Union organization ideas about organizing new playgrounds on needs, desires, and by the application of the era of technology 4.0.

According to the Competition Rules and the judges' results, the Organizing Committee has selected ten entries for the final ranking. In which, there are 01 A prize, 2 B prizes, and 07 C. Also, the Organizing Committee decided to add 02 new prizes: Recognizing the remaining ten awards were awarded Consolation Prize and 01 Award voted by the audience. For the prediction prize, the Organizing Committee decided to increase the number of gifts to 18 gifts on the 18th anniversary of the PVFCCo establishment for ten individuals who predict winning a prize and eight individuals who expect to win two remaining prizes again.

Here are some of the winning works: 

Prize A - Old Style (Central PVFCCo Union)

Prize B - Vocational Training (Phu My Fertilizer Factory Union)

Prize B - Ao Dai and the girls of LV (Labor Union, Division of the Corporation)

Prize C - Hanoi Wedding 70s (North PVFCCo Union)

Prize C - Youth (Central PVFCCo Union)

Prize C - Flower of War (PVFCCo Southeastern Union)

Prize C - Going to the pagoda to pray for security (Phu My Fertilizer Factory Union)

Prize C - Phu My Rose (Corporate Union Division of the Corporation)

Prize C - Tao reunification (Phu My Fertilizer Factory Union)

Prize C - Outstanding Painting (PVFCCo Southwestern Union)

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