In view of general context, 2020 is a year of challenges but it also brought PVFCCo various opportunities and favors. By applying a number of synchronized solution, the company has successfully ended the year, fruitfully fulfilled key tasks.

While absorbing such opportunities and advantage as great support of PVN, low natural gas price, company brand name, PVFCCo was facing those difficulties caused by climate change, Covid-19 pandemic, which badly affected the farming activities and agro-material market. Low purchasing power, fake & poor fertilizer disturbance, etc. made the competition getting tougher and tougher.

Before such challenges, the company management has worked out and realized a number of coping solutions and successfully accomplished key goals of 2020.

Taking a full use of the opportunity, achieving good fruits

PVFCCo set in mind that to overcome challenges in the context of pandemic safety must be put on first priority. The entire Corporation kept seriously preventing epidemic from spreading and maintaining uninterrupted manufacturing & trading activities, applying health care measures to protect workers’ physical conditions, initiating on-line working, enhancing IT means, timely appropriately modifying forms of activities during the pandemic and in new normal condition. As a result, so far the company has not only been safe but also made a good use of every opportunity for the success.

Making firm steps into 2021

By analyzing the achievements of 2020 and forecast looking into the in coming years, PVFCCo has worked out 5 key tasks of 2021. In line with the completion of business goals in 2021, wherein fertilizer outputs of Phu My urea and NPK are 766,000 tons and 150,000 tons respectively, PVFCCo also determination to successfully carry out the turnaround of Phu My Fertilizer Plant aiming at Safety - Quality - Progress - Efficiency; mobilizing the enterprise resources to better control and improve quality, better serve customers.


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