Vietnam is currently facing a new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. In the context of that, Petrovietnam Fertilizer and Chemical Corporation (PVFCCo) has continuously implemented remote, "multi-layered" prevention measures to promptly prevent, prevent, and minimize risks and ensure the health of employees, maintain continuously and regularly the production and business activities of the Corporation.

Measuring body temperature via camera at TCT headquarters

PVFCCo quickly and continuously updated information on the development of Covid-19 both at home and office to all employees, issued a directive response system, and implemented many preventive measures throughout the Corporation. PVFCCo requires units to capture information proactively, implement epidemic prevention measures, and closely monitor information of officials leaving/leaving and returning from at-risk areas; review and prepare scenarios. Organized medical equipment, logistics for epidemic response. The units continued to maintain the preventive work at the facilities, such as: measuring body temperature at the gate of the unit, wearing a mask, washing hands to kill bacteria, making medical reports for employees returning from areas that epidemic broke out.

At Phu My Fertilizer Plant undergoing general maintenance, all employees wear masks while working

In particular, in Phu My Fertilizer Plant - the heart of PVFCCo is in the overall maintenance process. With the participation of foreign experts, the prevention measures have been more stringent. Besides, general measures have been taken since the appearance of the Covid-19 epidemic as complying with the requirement of "5 K" of the Ministry of Health; limit your exposure; install and use Bluezone application, industrial cleaning, working tools cleaning at the beginning of Tuesday / Friday shift; wearing a mask on the car transporting employees; measuring the body temperature in the car, recording the seat on the car ... The factory has implemented preventive measures for each expert. Experts are arranged with separate working rooms, daily medical monitoring, limited contact, mainly communicating via radio, phone, keeping distance, wearing masks when in contact, cleaning, and disinfection, Daily body temperature measurement. When experts come to the worksite, the relevant department will notify all employees and contractors working in the above area, log the schedule, arrange supervisors, and make contacts. , send to Medical Factory every day for the same follow-up. When it is necessary to hold a work exchange meeting, each meeting will make a list of participants and service staff.

Use the sterilization chamber and wash your hands regularly to prevent Covid-19


It can be said that each PVFCCo employee has raised their vigilance without a bit of neglect, seriously implementing measures to prevent Covid-19. Translating Covid-19 is both a challenge and a driving force for PVFCCo to innovate in all aspects. New markets are opened, new products are researched and developed to capture opportunities from FTAs, meet the needs of international markets, and deal with climate change. The consequences of climate change. These directions are expected not only to help the Corporation to stand firm in the difficult conditions but also to continue to develop.

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