September 21, 2021, marked the 17th anniversary of PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemical Corporation (PVFCCo) receiving Phu My Fertilizer Plant from an international consortium of contractors. This critical milestone opens a new phase for Vietnam's fertilizer industry - from relying almost entirely on foreign supplies to becoming self-sufficient in domestic production.

Prior to 2004, very few people in Vietnam knew about Phu My - which was just an industrial town like hundreds of other industrial towns. But from the end of 2004, when the first urea produced from the waste gas exploited at sea were brought to the regions, the name Phu My quickly became familiar and attached to tens of millions of farmers across the country. The introduction of Phu My Fertilizer products on the market has fundamentally changed the situation of supply and demand and the fertilizer market in Vietnam, from being utterly dependent on imported supply, constantly fluctuating, and able to automatically owning 50% of the supply of nitrogenous fertilizers, contributing to the growth of the agricultural industry and becoming the world's top agricultural export nation. After only a short period, Phu My Fertilizer brand has become the most famous brand in the fertilizer market in Vietnam and continues to maintain that position until this day, selected by Forbes Vietnam as Top 50 most valuable brands in Vietnam. With such historical significance, September 21 was chosen as the traditional day of PVFCCo.

PVFCCo has promoted internal resources during the past years and operated the factory safely, stably, and efficiently. Continuously diversified products and exceeded production and business targets; Building distribution system, product consumption network throughout the country's regions; maintaining its position as the leading brand in the fertilizer industry in Vietnam. Through fostering the tradition of "Pioneering, mutual support, and adaptation," all employees of PVFCCo have always been an encouragement to each other to strive to better. At the same time, PVFCCo is also a leader in sharing social responsibility in rural areas and disadvantaged communities.

This year, The "untraditional" traditional day during the Covid-19 pandemic, raging across all parts of the country, causing accumulated difficulties. Traditional activities will not be organized typically as in previous years, but new and meaningful forms will be held.

PVFCCo is carrying out many meaningful activities, such as the online meeting between the Board of Directors of the Corporation and employees; promotion program of Phu My Fertilizer to show gratitude to farmers; giving rice to employees from PVFCCo Union; the program "Tet union members" in the mid-autumn season of 2021 organized by the Board of Directors of the Corporation, the Youth Union and the Women's Committee of the Corporation; newly released design versions on PVFCCo's social networking sites to promote meaningful messages and images - marking the 17th milestone...

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