PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) announced that Phu My NPK production output accumulated from the beginning of 2021 to November 2021 had reached the milestone of 150,000 tons, reaching the finish line 35 days earlier than planned. This number is even more prominent and meaningful when placed in the context that in 2021, PVFCCo performs periodic general maintenance of the Plant, the severe outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic has to implement the "3 on-site" production mode. ", the cost of raw materials, labor, logistics... has increased and is severely scarce all over the world.
Not only increasing production output, in 2021, Phu My NPK Factory also continues to improve models, improve quality, and continuously launch many new product recipes, contributing to diversity. NPK Phu My product chain of high quality, the diversified formula provides reasonable nutrition according to each growth period of the crop and in different soil regions.

The growth of Phu My NPK production has helped PVFCCo have more key product lines besides the traditional Phu My fertilizer product, increase fertilizer supply to the market, and contribute to optimizing business efficiency in 2021. PVFCCo with forecast results will be very impressive. That result also creates conditions for PVFCCo to actively implement many social security programs to take care of and support to reduce production costs for farmers and make practical contributions to Covid-19 prevention across the country.
It is known that NPK Phu My is the only and first factory in Vietnam to use the chemical technology of the copyright house Incro SA (Spain). The factory has been put into operation since 2018; so far, PVFCCo's team of engineers and workers have mastered the operating technology and are confident towards a higher production plan for the upcoming 2022.


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