19 years ago (March 28, 2003), PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Company (the predecessor of PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemical Corporation - PVFCCo) was officially established with the task of receiving, transporting, operating, and trading products of Phu My Fertilizer Factory - the first factory in Vietnam to produce nitrogenous fertilizers from natural gas sources with a capacity of 740,000 tons, equivalent to nearly 40% of the domestic nitrogen demand at that time.

Ever since, PVFCCo has continuously developed, improved production capacity, business, and corporate governance, becoming the leading enterprise in Vietnam's fertilizer industry. FromFrom operating a single factory, with the only product being Phu My Fertilizer, PVFCCo has grown to become the largest enterprise in Vietnam. With a large workforce of about 1,600 well-trained personnel. Currently, PVFCCo operates two modern factories with a production capacity of about 1.2 million tons of fertilizers and chemicals/year, has a sustainable and widespread distribution system, supplying the nationwide market with a set of products. Phu My fertilizer package, meeting the diverse needs of farmers, always holds the No. 1 position in the fertilizer industry regarding market share, competitiveness, and brand value. PVFCCo also develops an international trade network outside of Vietnam, including exporting Urea to other countries and being the largest potash importer and distributor in Vietnam. Besides the fertilizer strength, PVFCCo also develops the chemical segment, becoming the largest manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam of Ammonia, UFC85...

Through 19 years of development, from the influence of Vietnam's agricultural and rural culture and especially the Petroleum culture - the "Fire-seeker" culture, PVFCCo culture has formed and developed. with the core value system "Professional - Efficiency, Dynamic - Creative, Responsibility - Sharing, Aspiration - Reaching Out."

At PVFCCo, unions and movements are also very active and influential; organizations such as Labor Unions, Youth Unions, and Veterans' Associations all work very evenly, contributing to taking care of workers. Mobilize materially and spiritually, cultivate PVFCCo's culture, and raise employees' awareness and cohesion.

In addition to completing business plans and taking care of employees, PVFCCo has been one of the leading enterprises in social security activities for many years. Over the past 19 years, the Corporation has spent more than 1,000 billion VND on social security work. Thousands of gratitude houses, hundreds of health, cultural, educational, transportation projects...

With those achievements and contributions, PVFCCo has been honored to receive noble awards of the Party and State such as Top 200 typical Party organizations in enterprises, First-class Labor Medal, and many other noble awards.

PVFCCo welcomes the age of 19 after spending 2021 in an exceptional context because of the severe outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, broken transport chains, strong fluctuations in the world market... However, with careful preparation, epidemic prevention is implemented thoughtfully, closely follows the market, has a comprehensive distribution system, is quick to seize opportunities in business, reduces costs; PVFCCo has successfully implemented maintenance. In general, the production and business activities are suitable, achieving very encouraging results in production output, consumption, revenue, and profit in 2021 and early 2022. In which financial indicators and payment to the bank State book in 2021 is the highest in the past ten years, in which DPM's stock price has proven.

At 19, with the complicated and unpredictable developments of the current world geopolitical situation, PVFCCo will continue, determined to implement volatility management, risk management and seize opportunities to increase growth, a speedy breakthrough in all fields. In the long-term, PVFCCo is updating its development strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2035, implementing a digital transformation strategy to change each division's operating model and mode comprehensively and for the whole Corporation.

With pride in the history of development and accumulated experience, the care and facilitation of the parent company - Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, the companionship and trust of shareholders, customers and the motto "Innovation for sustainable development," PVFCCo's team is determined to strive to complete the tasks and plan in 2022, continue to bring bountiful crops to the people and country of Vietnam.


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