The 4th wave of the Covid-19 outbreak has seriously affected the production and business of enterprises across the country, especially in the southern provinces of Vietnam. Including Phu My Fertilizer Plant - PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemical Corporation (PVFCCo).

Phu My Fertilizer Plant (in Phu My 1 Industrial Park, Phu My, Ba Ria - Vung Tau) is next to the most complicated epidemic areas in the country today, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, and Binh Duong. Most of the factory employees are also living in these facilities. As soon as the new wave of this epidemic occurred, the factory implemented many strict prevention measures, forming layers of protection to ensure workers' health and safety of production operations. When the epidemic got more complicated, the factory-applied "3 on-site" work for the entire operating block from the end of May to the beginning of June, operating in 2 shifts five crews, divided into many zones, from zone 0 (core zone) to zone 1, 2, 3...

Employees work at the Control Room of Phu My Fertilizer Plant Center

Mr. Nguyen Nhu Son - Factory shift leader, informed that the strictest isolation area is Zone 0, focusing on operation and technology staffs, who are well taken care of in terms of accommodation, activities, sport equipments, and many other amenities. He also said that the policies of PVFCCo and the factory were quickly implemented, such as allowances, increased food supplies. Besides, 100% of Zone 0 operators have received their second Covid vaccine shot. They're also tested regularly and receive excellent medical care.

With the close attention of the Corporation and Phu My Fertilizer Plant leaders, the operating staff quickly stabilized, adapted to the concentrated working environment, and became more determined and united. Maintaining the "green area" of the factory, raising the awareness of preserving "sustainable engineerings," ensuring safe and effective production during the past time.

According to PVFCCo, the cost of epidemic prevention and maintenance of the "3 on-site" working mode in the past time at the factory has reached several tens of billions of dong. In addition, the sacrifices of emotions, both physically and emotionally... cannot be measured. Currently, the epidemic situation is still complicated, so PVFCCo/Phu My Fertilizer Plant will try to maintain this operating mode, and at the same time, strengthen solutions to take care of the "3-on-site" force. 

Employees of Zone 0 Factory have been vaccinated with 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine

However, PVFCCo's leaders also concern that the implementation of "3 on-site" is just a temporary solution and may not last for too long because this will affect both the physical and mental health of employees; It is also a cost burden for PVFCCo. Therefore, PVFCCo is calling for government and local management agencies to create conditions for all employees to be fully vaccinated as soon as possible. All employees agree to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control to bring an end to this pandemic. Therefore, our factory staff can quickly return home to their loved ones and everyday life.

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