Ho Chi Minh City, May 20, 2021 - The periodical maintenance of Phu My Fertilizer Plant for 2021 was completed ahead of schedule. The maintenance lasted for 32 days instead of 33 days as planned, and the Plant restarted producing Urea on May 20, 2021. Previously, the factory's ammonia (NH3) workshop completed maintenance on May 18, 2021, i.e. 3 days ahead of schedule.

This is the 10th periodical maintenance of the Phu My Fertilizer Plant since it came into operation in 2004. This periodical maintenance was more complicated than the previous ones due to the more number of maintenance works, as well due to the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, PVFCCo prioritized the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic, strictly and synchronously implementing many safety measures, forming many multi-layered, multi-level rounds to control and prevent the epidemic so that the maintenance activities took place safely even during the peak of the pandemic.

There were nearly 4,500 units to be maintained, with many items arising right in the maintenance process. Thanks to careful preparation, the team of engineers and experts with solid skills, rich in ideas and initiatives, and full of enthusiasm and responsibility, wholly mastered the timing and quality of the maintenance process. This periodical maintenance achieved all the goals: Highest safety, best quality, most savings, fastest progress. This is an essential basis for the Plant to continue to operate at its best after maintenance.

Having completed the maintenance work, Phu My Fertilizer Plant contributed to ensuring supply for the market in the context of a sharp increase of fertilizer demand due to the peak of cultivation of Summer-autumn/rainy season – one of the biggest crops of the year. PVFCCo has also prepared a plan to quickly transport commodities to key agricultural regions across the country.


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