November 18, 2022 - PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) begins to market Phu My fertilizer product lines specialized for urban agriculture.

Urban agriculture is the cultivation, processing, and distribution of products within or around urban areas. It has become increasingly important around the globe and in Vietnam in recent years. Quickly grasping the inevitable trend in urban areas, and at the same time associated with diversifying product lines, PVFCCo has launched a Phu My fertilizer product line, specialized for urban agriculture - includes 5 product sets:

Specialized products for leafy vegetables (Phu My Fertilizer + Kebo; Phu My NPK + Biowish 16-16-8+13S+TE);
Set of specialized products for vegetables and fruits (NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE);
Set of specialized products for fruit trees (NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE);
Set of specialized products for flowers - ornamental plants (NPK Phu My 20-5-5+TE; NPK Phu My 20-20-15+TE.)

Organic fertilizer products for a variety of crops
PVFCCo has taken care of and cherished for a long time to meet the criteria of "Convenience - Safety - Caste" when bringing this product line to the market. Phu My fertilizer products, which are familiar to farmers in rural areas, now have a completely new look to suit urban consumers. High-quality products are packaged in modern, convenient packaging, with a wide choice of capacity (200g, 500g, 1kg), especially "designed and tailored" specifically for popular crop groups in urban areas such as leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, and ornamental plants. Packages comes with clear and specific instructions. Products are widely distributed at urban agricultural supply stores, supermarkets, and on e-commerce platforms and other online sales channels in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Customers can pick and choose the right fertilizer, usage according to the instructions on the package apply on plants. The introduction of Phu fertilizer product lines The US specialized for urban agriculture is a new step on the development path of PVFCCo. From now on, Phu My fertilizer has covered rural to urban areas, not only serving the fields and gardens of farmers but also serving the gardens, terraces, balconies, and houses... of our customers. 

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