At the Announcement Ceremony of High Quality Vietnamese Products (HVNCLC) 2022 held on March 29, 2022, PVFCCo continued to be honored as the HVNCLC voted by consumers, extending the series of 19 consecutive years of receiving the award. brand since the first year the product was introduce to the market.

In order to continuously maintain the title of HVNCLC for nearly 2 decades and always be in the leading position in the fertilizer industry, PVFCCo has continuously invested, improved product quality and customer service, and at the same time developed new product variety. From an initial Phu My Fertilizer product, PVFCCo now provides a complete set of Phu My fertilizer products with about 1.1 million tons/year, meeting the needs of crops in different growth periods and regions. land.

HVNCLC is one of the prestigious titles due to its transparency and objectivity through the process of evaluating businesses and products by means of consumer interviews, selling points, combined with expertise. Check, respond and update information from businesses and business management agencies. According to the Organizing Committee, the 2022 High Quality Vietnamese Goods poll was conducted nationwide from the fourth quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022 with tens of thousands of survey votes. After that, the Organizing Committee received the enterprise's dossier for inspection and verification, and at the same time received opinions from 77 local state management agencies to evaluate product quality, protection work. environment, employing workers, protecting consumer interests... to identify and recognize 524 enterprises achieving high quality Vietnamese goods in 2022.


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