Recently, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) cooperated with its member units to organize the program "Phu My Farmer in 2022" for customers who are store owners and consumers representative in the provinces. This is a new initiative of PVFCCo to build the cores of good farmers in the locality to spread advanced farming techniques in the community and, at the same time, create a connection between Phu My Fertilizer and the community of farmers.

During the program, the delegation was invited by PVFCCo to Ba Ria Vung Tau and directly visited and learned at Phu My Fertilizer Plant - NPK Phu My to learn about modern technology that has created Phu My fertilizer products. America has been attached to its relatives for a long time. Welcoming the delegation, the leaders of Phu My Fertilizer Factory directly introduced and led the delegation to visit the factory's production workshops, the central operating area, the plant's technology system, and the process and quality control of PVFCCo's products. From here, the delegates had a better understanding of PVFCCo's modern and safe technology and production process and more confidence in the development, thereby contributing to conveying and convincing local farmers firmly believe in Phu My fertilizer products.

The program's highlight was that the delegates were introduced by PVFCCo's representative about the Phu My fertilizer product range, share methods to identify fertilizers to help limit the purchase of fake/poor quality goods, and answered questions about the current fertilizer market. Customers also heard agricultural experts share techniques for using Phu My fertilizer correctly, effectively, and economically on local staple crops. The questions of the farmers participating in the program about crop care, pest control, and produce... were also answered and guided by experts.
Mr. Nguyen Truong Tho (farmer in Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa) was very excited to share: "For many years, my family and many farmers have trusted and regularly used Phu My fertilizer. . Now that the company has facilitated me to come here, I am thrilled because this is an efficient and useful program. I could see with my eyes and ears that the Phu My Fertilizer-NPK plant was trained in techniques to use fertilizers economically and effectively for high-yield crops and shared methods of identifying fake fertilizers by the company. Poor quality avoids loss of money and defects. I hope the company will continue to organize more events like this for our farmers."

The program has left a deep impression on Phu My Fertilizer Factory with modern technology, strict production process, and highly qualified engineers and workers. Primarily, it has brought people valuable knowledge and experience in their agricultural work. In the coming time, PVFCCo will continue to organize this "Phu My Farmer" program for farmers in the provinces to spread more good kernels to serve the country's agriculture better.

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