Over the past two years, domestic and international fertilizer supply has decreased due to the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many factories have stopped or operated in moderation due to the interruption of the logistics and supply chain. PVFCCo has been making efforts to maximize output, quickly dispatch goods to regions, and promptly serve farmers.


The fertilizer plant operates safely, maximizes output, and ensures the best quality.


As a large production and business unit with many employees, PVFCCo's top priority is to ensure absolute safety and proactively seek out many scenarios and safety measures to maintain continuous and effective production and business activities. Therefore, PVFCCo strictly implemented many measures, forming many multi-layered, multi-level rounds to control and prevent the epidemic. As a result, during the Covid-19 epidemic break out in periodical maintenance of the Phu My fertilizer Plant in April-May 2021, PVFCCo's staff and operations were always absolutely safe.

Periodical maintenance

Overcoming the unprecedented challenges when carrying out periodical maintenance of the Plant amidst the Covid outbreak, with careful preparation and the highest sense of responsibility, PVFCCo has completed the maintenance of the Plant to come back to production ahead of schedule. Besides, scientific calculations, skillful arrangement, and rhythmic combination have proved between stages, even during the periodical maintenance of the Plant, NPK Plant still operates stably, maintaining the supply of NPK to the market.

The factory's production operation team also constantly improves quality and launches new product formulas. As a result, as of mid-June 2021, the total output of Phu My fertilizer produced by PVFCCo reached 403 thousand tons, reaching 41% of the 2021 plan; Phu My NPK output alone exceeded the plan in the first 6 months by 2% and increased by 50 % over the same period in 2020.

New products NPK Phu My 16-8-8+TE

For fertilizer products that cannot be produced domestically and must be imported, such as potash, right from the beginning of the year, PVFCCo has promoted long-term contracts, looking for new sources of goods, thereby signing contracts in 6 months. Estimation at the beginning of 2021, reaching 170,000 tons and supplying to the market in 6 months, is estimated at 90,000 tons, equaling 150% of 2020 and reaching 60% of the year plan.


Currently, Phu My Fertilizer Plant is operating continuously at the highest capacity, producing about 2,450 tons of Phu My Fertilizer per day and nearly 1,000 tons of high-quality Phu My NPK.

Good market forecasting and timely delivery of goods

PVFCCo focused all stages of market analysis, forecasting, transportation, moderation, and product supply to each consumption area... Every day, the market sales team from all regions across the country must have market analysis and forecast reports so that PVFCCo's management and administration are always on track. Based on the correct assessment of the situation, right from the end of 2020, PVFCCo focuses all production for the domestic market, and at the same time, implements a quick and scientific dispatch of goods to ensure supply during the maintenance period. The Phu My Plant as well as in the condition that some localities implement social distancing.

PVFCCo's sales team always quickly responds to the pandemic and the market situation, equips themselves with masks, hand sanitizer, and epidemic prevention skills for themselves as well as their distribution and farming systems. Changing trade promotion activities with a large concentration of people, direct contact, and other more suitable forms and activities such as digital marketing, online, mass media, etc...

As a result, by mid-June 2021, PVFCCo has supplied about 555,000 tons of Phu My fertilizer of all kinds, reaching 99.7% of the plan for the first 6 months. In particular, Phu My NPK products had outstanding growth, estimated at 80,000 tons, nearly doubling over the same period in 2020.


With the forecast that the Covid-19 epidemic and the situation of natural disasters, storms, and floods will still be complicated, significantly affecting the agricultural industry, PVFCCo determines that it will continue to ensure maximum supply for the market. Furthermore, coordinate with localities and functional agencies to promptly implement practical programs to accompany and share with farmers.

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