Petrotimes, 5/5/2020

It is often said that wisdom would be enlightened by a passionate heart. The officials and engineers of Phu My Fertilizer Plant (under PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation - PVFCCo) has presented several projects and products which have been extremely helpful in preventing the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, and these projects and products prove the correctness of that proverb! 

Mr. Nguyen Phi Dieu (born in 1983, specialist - Robot designer, Head of Labor Union at Power Unit of Phu My Fertilizer Plant,), and Mr. Nguyen Van Hung (born in 1985, engineer, co-author of the disinfection chamber), both work at the Power Unit of Phu My Fertilizer Plant, cannot hide their joy and pride while sharing the stories of products made by the staff of their unit. These products include UV lamps to disinfect workplaces; UV disinfection box for compact items, such as: official dispatches, postal matters, money; sterilization robot for canteens; central air-conditioning disinfection equipment; full body disinfection chamber.

Engineers Nguyen Phi Dieu (left) and Nguyen Van Hung

With these products, it can be said that all sources of infection risk within the workplaces across the Plant as well as throughout PVFCCo are controlled. And these products have proven to be useful and effective during the past time.

Similar to other initiatives at the Plant, the origins of these projects started from the concerns and dedication of enthusiastic young engineers. Specifically, as soon as the pandemic occurred in the country, both PVFCCo and Phu My Fertilizer Plant started to implement solutions to prevent it. At the moment, within the whole Corporation, every unit and employee, depending on their roles and positions, has practically contributed to such task. Dieu and Hung, along with other workers of the Power Unit, also did the same thing.

“We want to do something to contribute to the Plant and the Corporation in preventing the pandemic, since the Plant would be greatly affected due to this pandemic, and above all, we would like to ensure the health of our employees as they come to work at the Plant,” Dieu shared. Therefore, the workers immediately worked on the ideas regarding projects which help prevent the epidemic and started to implement these ideas.

Full body disinfection chamber

It is obvious that building products from ideas is a long process. For example, with the full body disinfection chamber, they had to try several new “versions” in order to complete the final product. That is not to mention the difficult effects of the epidemic. Specifically, while implementing social distance, the workers found that it is difficult to search for supplies and equipment due to their expensive costs. Sometimes, they had to remove the water pumps or fog sprinkler at home for testing.

Another challenge is time: How to produce the product as fast as possible in order to serve the prevention and control of epidemics. Therefore, they devoted all of their limited breaks, the weekends and evenings with their family for manufacturing. In addition to the investment cost, the workers also used their own moneys to pay for the projects without any intention.

It must also be added that in addition to the effort, creativity, responsibility, and the unanimity of employees, the interest, support and encouragement of leadership at all levels, especially the Trade Union organization, has also contributed to the success of PVFCCo’s effective projects for epidemic prevention and control.

The visit of PVFCCo Labor Union’s Chairman, Mr. Tong Xuan Phong, at the Plant for encouraging and rewarding the authors of these products, made the workers feel very happy. “This shows that their efforts have been acknowledged and by that, this is the most meaningful reward for them”, Dieu shared. Not only that, the Labor Union of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) has timely recognized and awarded the above 5 projects along with 8 workers within this initiative group of Phu My Fertilizer Plant.

It can be said that all of these acknowledgments are the motivation and strength for the workers in the movement of idea and initiatives, especially in the current business and production situation in which PVFCCo had to face several difficulties and challenges.

UV disinfection box

Facing this difficult situation of the Company as well as of the whole Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, Dieu and Hung said that they have both tracked the information and acknowledged the current situation, while at the same time having orientations and determination to unitedly overcome challenges.

“Depending on our capacity, each of us would try our best to accomplish the assigned tasks; promote ideas and initiatives to help the Plant operate in a safe, sustainable and effective way. With such awareness, PVFCCo will move towards sustainable development, contributing part of its strength to the Group in the process of overcoming the current crisis,” Dieu affirmed.

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