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Although each person works in different departments and performs different jobs, they all share a passion for their jobs and affection for Phu My Fertilizer Plant. These motivate engineers to constantly create and contribute, etc.

At the 10th “Excellent young national workers” ceremony organized by the Central Committee in Quang Ninh, there were a total of 8 young engineers honored in the Oil and Gas industry; 3 of which are engineers working for Phu My Fertilizer Plant, directly under PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo). They are Mr. Nguyen Van Thom (Process technician), Mr. Chung Hoang Van (Engineer, Assistant workshop manager) and Mr. Phan Thai Son (Urea process engineer).

1.The youngest of the three award-winning engineers was Mr. Nguyen Van Thom (born in 1989). After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Mr. Thom has been working in the Plant since 2012. Mr. Thom is currently a process technician with his main jobs of preparing the operational plans/operating procedure, building machine stop/replay progress and monitoring the technological parameters of NH3 Unit, then conducting assessments and reporting on the conditions of equipment to propose the most optimal adjustment measure. Mr. Thom is also responsible for change management, which aims to monitor change within the workshop on a daily basis to communicate to other workers and create a record of the change, therefrom assessing risks.

At the same time, he also concurrently works in the energy sector to calculate the level of chemical and energy consumption of the workshop, and then based on that to optimize energy, reduce costs and increase product output.

In general, Mr. Thom"s work is much relevant to the device evaluation, stimulation and calculation. In order to do that, he must study, do research on several documents and invest a lot of time in it. Therefore, he said, to ensure the progress, it is often necessary to bring work home. Especially, in the past period, when the Plant performed connecting and operating NH3 revamp project, this was also the hardest time and full of pressure for Mr. Thom and other workers in the workshop.

Within the factory in general and NH3 Unit in particular, Mr. Thom is an excellent innovator with many remarkable achievements in both quantity and quality. Typically, in 2018, Mr. Thom has owned up to 11 initiatives and ideas that have been applied. There are valuable initiatives that could benefit hundreds of millions to billions of VND, as in the past year, the initiative “Perform boil-out process before restarting Ammonia Unit after revamp” has benefited more than 6 billion VND for the Plant.

In addition to responding to the movement of contributing ideas and initiatives launched by the Corporation and Plant, it is the obstructing problems arising from his daily work that urge Mr. Thom to be creative in order to overcome these problems. And that is how many initiatives have come to life.

But that alone is not enough to create an innovator like Mr. Nguyen Van Thom as an engineer in the current time, but it is also thanks to his consciousness and working spirit. Mr. Thom said that he always questions himself on how to do the job better, if he could do the job well then how to do it better. With that work attitude, Mr. Thom has never been satisfied with his current results, he always studies, explores and improves it.

“I think that my job has been remained the same as before, I always wonders about doing meaningful work that really helpful to the Corporation and Plant. Your work attitude is very important, if we pay attention to our job, we could do it better and if we work with a positive attitude, then our skills and knowledge will increase” Mr. Thom shared his thoughts.

2.In 2010, after studying in Romania with a Petroleum Scholarship, Mr. Phan Thai Son (born in 1985) returned to Vietnam and joined the Urea Unit of Phu My Fertilizer Plant; By 2016, he was moved to the Production Process department and has been responsible for the Urea and UFC85 section until today. In addition, Mr. Son also undertakes the role of Deputy Secretary of the Plant’s Local Union.

Mr. Son"s specific task is to monitor the daily Urea production process line. If it appears to have any unusual incident or parameter, his job is to timely consult the operating workshop and leaders of the Plant to find solutions. At the same time, he is also responsible for the research and exploration of new technologies around the world, and then suggests to apply these technologies to the Plant to improve efficiency, safety and economic optimization.

This particular job also brings lots of pressure to Mr. Son. Firstly, if there is any problem related to the technology line or the quality of Urea products, he is responsible to understand and somehow consult the Board of Directors of the Plant about the cause and solution which strictly resolve that cause. In addition, if there are serious problems, he has to urgently investigate and handle that problems and propose the best solutions as soon as possible. Therefore, according to Mr. Son, there are times when the workers have to continuously work day and night for several days.

He said: “The damage for each day that we stop using the machine accounts for tens of billions of VND, so we have to coordinate to solve that problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Mr. Son also concerns about balancing time for Union tasks. Normally, there is no problem. However, when the Plant has problems that need to be urgently investigated, but it appears to match with the schedule of the Union task, that would be a hard time to perform both jobs at the same time; At that time, Mr. Son is responsible to schedule reasonably so that they could conduct both tasks without facing any other problems.

“Fortunately, I always receives strong support from the leaders of the unit and I myself also belong to the type of people who can work under pressure,” Mr. Son said. Working in the technology department is different from working in the operating workshop, since they have many different tasks and all require certain deadlines. Sometimes we have to work all night to prepare the information and data for the leaders in the next morning.

“I also like to learn about information resources around the world, thereby cultivating experiences in operations and foreign languages,” Mr. Son said. In the process of working, he always follows the core values in life, especially “7 effective habits” in the book that the leaders present to officers and workers of the Plant.

Act as a Union official, Mr. Son and his fellow Union members has accompanied with the government in production and business activities through programs that promote creative ideas. Typically, in the general maintenance of the Plant in 2017, we had collected 1,300 ideas within only a month. This is a surprising number that even people who launched this emulation movement did not expect. Thanks to this exciting creative movement, the maintenance was successful, ensuring the criteria of safety, quality, progress and cost effectiveness. 

In the past year, Mr. Son himself has gained many initiatives and ideas, in which the initiative to enhance the backup devices that monitor PH value of UFC85 absorption column which brings along great value. Besides, he also has many ideas and intends to write them into topics of initiatives. Particularly, not only does he have ideas and initiatives to overcome problems that had happened, but he also studied the documents in the same fertilizer plants around the world, learning about the incidents that they had encountered in order to make suggestions on improving preventive upgrades for his Plant.

Mr. Son said that he was honored the “Excellent young national workers” award, which has become his motivation to continue training himself, focus on work and move towards new initiatives and new awards in the following year.

Regarding the "charm" in receiving this award, Mr. Son shared that last year, he was the Union official that directly received the registration profiles from two engineers in the Plant and saw their success. Their awards have spread passion to other engineers, including Mr. Son, and he determined to strive to be honored in the following year.

And this year, Mr. Son and two other workers did it!

3.The person who left a lot of impression in our conversation is Mr. Chung Hoang Van (born in 1985). Mr. Van was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, but the good and gentle nature of a Westerner in him is clearly presented in the way he thinks about life and work.

In his childhood, Mr. Van used to study mathematics and computer science, but later on, he changed to petrochemical industry since he realized that he was suitable for the working environment on site and contacting with machines and equipment. And until now, that change turned out to be absolutely correct.

At the end of 2009, after graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Mr. Van came and worked at Phu My Fertilizer Plant until today. As an engineer and assistant workshop manager, Mr. Van"s daily task is to be in charge of general training, and as a specialized engineer of the workshop, his job is to control unusual problems of the system in order to timely consult the board of leadership. In addition, when necessary, Mr. Van will be transferred to the operation shift as a shift manager. Therefore, Mr. Van"s working time is not fixed, sometimes he works in office hours, sometimes he “jumps” back to working in shifts.

Besides flexibility in his work schedule, Mr. Van"s job is quite stressful, especially when he has to manage the project schedule or when the machinery system appears to have troubles. However, to Mr. Van, the more stressful and challenging the job is, the more excited he will be. And whenever he solves a difficult problem, he gains more joy in his job and more motivation to strive for mastery.

Mr. Van’s working viewpoint is as homely as his personality - you must be responsible and constantly learn as you work. For Mr. Van, studying is not limited to whom you are or what circumstances that you are in. In the early days when Mr. Van first worked at the Plant, he saw the workers as his first teachers since they were the ones who helped him get used to the new work environment.

In 2018, Mr. Chung Hoang Van had 3 acknowledged initiatives and many more for ideas that he could not remember them all. Among his initiatives, the most typical one is the “Initiative on solutions to connect Tie-in points, serving NH3 Revamp Project” with a value of more than VND 3 billion.

There is one interesting fact that to Mr. Van, this initiative as well as other initiatives came to him in a very natural and carefree way. This means when he works, he simply thinks about how to make the work in a conveniently and smoothly, and how to perform the projects on schedule and more effectively. He only thinks about registering his initiatives in his free time after he has completed his work.

In addition to his passion for work, another pleasure helping Mr. Van balance his life is traveling. He spends most of his free time carrying backpacks and traveling to destinations that he has never been before. Until now, Mr. Van has traveled about 10 countries in Asia and Europe. However, despite being traveled to many famous landmarks around the world, for him, the destination that left the most special impression is still in Vietnam.

He shared about the memory when he traveled by motorbike around the Northwest and Northeast mountains. “I think if I travel to other countries, I could never find such beautiful scenes. I have already visited 4 poles of our country, I also climbed the Fansipan mountain,” Mr. Van excitedly shared. Regarding to the meaning of each trip, Mr. Van said that these trips has helped him discover many new things, experience with new people and scenes that he does not usually contact everyday. And those trips are also the way he renewed himself after days and months concentrating in his work, etc.

When we asked about his upcoming plan, Mr. Van said that during this period when the Corporation has to face many challenges, he himself as well as other workers in the workshop are always determined and steadfast in trying their best to work, since they all think that their effort will bring along many more things, not only money or materials, but also knowledge, experiences, life skills - things that are extremely important in each person’s life.

Mr. Van shared that he loves his work and the work environment of Phu My Fertilizer Plant, since this is a professional and friendly environment, a dream land that they feel secure to contribute. For him, the Plant is like a “second home”!

I had many opportunities to talk with not only Mr. Thom, Mr. Van and Mr. Son but also many other young engineers working at Phu My Fertilizer Plant, and I can feel that they are truly simple and sincere people. People see the deepest love for work, passion for creativity and enthusiasm for their jobs in these people. This has contributed to the achievements of Phu My Fertilizer Plant in particular and PVFCCo in general today!

Trúc Vân

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