(PetroTimes) - At 3pm on November 25, Phu My Fertilizer Plant (belonging to PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation - PVFCCo) has reached the production output milestone of 828,000 tons of urea, reaching the production target in 2022. 36 days in advance.

This achievement is even more meaningful as the factory can aim for a new record of urea production output in 2022, contributing to the achievement of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Corporation's establishment (March 28/March 28). 2003-28/3/2023).

The early completion of the urea production target has helped PVFCCo take advantage of market advantages, optimize the business efficiency of its products, and contribute positively to the outstanding results of the company's overall production and business. the Corporation in 2022.

Promoting this very proud achievement and the accumulated experience, along with the creative and enthusiastic spirit, the staff of Phu My Fertilizer Plant are determined to continue to optimize technology, operate safe equipment safe and effective, continue to set new achievements, contribute to exceeding the targets in 2022 and the following years.


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