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PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) had completed the construction of Phu My NPK Plant and on 18 February 2018 successfully conducted the commissioning, marking the first and official production of chemical technology NPK in Vietnam.

Following the steps ofits “older brother”Phu My Urea, Phu My NPK is expected to rapidly dominate the market thanks to its outstanding advantages….

Customers visit Phu My NPK Plant

Looking back on the history of Vietnam’s fertilizer industry, 90% of urea used for agriculture had been imported before Phu My Fertilizer Plant came into being. However, since the first market launching in 2004, Phu My Urea has been increasingly trusted and used by farmers thanks to high quality, stability, good sales services, suitability for high yielding crops, cost efficiency and economic efficiency. Phu My Urea accounts for more than 40% of the domestic urea market, becoming the No. 1 brand in Vietnam’s fertilizer industry.

On that basis, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) continuedto invest in Phu My NPK Plantand on January 3, the lunar year of the Dog (i.e 18 February 2018) the Plant successfully conducted the commissioning, marking Vietnam’s official production of chemical technologyNPK. Followingits “older brother”- Phu My Urea, Phu My NPK is expected to rapidly dominate the market thanks to many outstanding advantages.

Firstly, Phu My NPK Plant is also heavily-invested on a modern and large scale - as Phu My Fertilizer Plant in terms oftechnology, construction and operation,maintenance. If Phu My Ureais Vietnam’s first petrochemical Plant producing nitrogenous fertilizer from natural gas feedstock, Phu MyNPK is also Vietnam’s first and exclusive Plant producing NPK using chemical technologywithequipment and contractors conforming toG7 and European standards. Phu My NPK is produced with the chemical technology of the Licensor Incro S.A(Spain), which is the latest and most advancedNPK production technology used in many developed countries in the world such as Europe, South Korea, Japan ... The Plant is also operated by the same personnel of Phu My Urea- a team with high qualification, professionalism, and experience in operation, maintenance, and servicing of large and modern petrochemical fertilizer plants.

Secondly, one of the main raw materials for Phu My NPK is ammonia (NH3), which is produced by Phu My Fertilizer Plant with the technology from Haldor Topsoe (Denmark), apart from this,materials such as phosphoricacid, SA(Sulphate of Ammonium), Potassium, medium elements and micronutrients (TE) are imported from reputable sources from Europe, Qatar, Japan and Korea...in an attempt to ensure the quality control from the input stage of the production process.

It should be noted that the Phu My NPK Plant uses no chemicals for product dyeing as other manufacturers currently do - just to meet the tastes and habits of Vietnamese farmers. The Plant rather lets Phu My NPK particles in its natural color of the input materials. This not only saves production costs and selling prices to farmers, but also takes farmers to follow a new trend - focusing on the substance rather than the appearance of production materials. This practice helps reduce chemical residues in agricultural products and in the soil, meeting the increasingly stricter demand for food safety and contributing to environmental protection efforts in the general development trend of the world agriculture.

Thirdly, like Phu My Urea, quality inspection, quality control, product usage guidance and after-sales service of Phu My NPK are strictly implemented by PVFCCo following the strict process and standards of the Licensor, the laws and the highest criteria of corporate social accountability. All finished products of Phu My NPK are sampled, analyzed and tested according to regulations and only those passing the quality criteria are packed and launched to themarket. PVFCCo has committed to take the highest responsibility for its products throughout the process of bringing products to farmers, all the comments on the products have seriously been taken and resolved by PVFCCo. Meanwhile, PVFCCo keeps strongly investing in agricultural promotionand technical activities, and guides farmers how to use fertilizers properly, economically and with highest efficiency.

"The advantagesof “one-grain” type NPK fertilizer produced with chemical technology are: (1) All nutrients are present in a single fertilizer grain, consequently, when fertilized, the plants will get balanced nutrients; (2) Production with the chemical technology helps the nutrients in the fertilizer grains stick together so as to reduce the phenomenon of evaporation, washingaway, fixing... Accordingly, this improves the fertilizer efficiency and helps the farmers increase the economic efficiency "-Professor Dr. Nguyen Bao Ve - Senior Lecturer, former Headof the Faculty of Agriculture and Applied Biology, University of Can Tho said.

International and PVFCCo fertilizer experts visit coffee gardens using Phu MyNPK

Sharing the same viewpoints, Dr Truong Hong - Acting Director of the Western Highlands Agriculture & Forestry Science Institute (WASI) added: "For years, PVFCCo has been cooperating with local and international scientists, WASI included, to study and test the NPK formula lines in order to find the most suitable formulas for each crop in each region. The results of such complex and time-consuming process area wide range of products with variety of formulas, suitable for each specific area of ​​soil, each stage of plant growth, convenient and economical when used.

In summary,it can be affirmed that Phu My NPK is going to follow the steps of its “older brother” - Phu MyUrea to winthe prominent position in agricultural supplies in general and fertilizers in particular. Hopefully,Vietnam"s agriculture will record strong and sustainable growth in the coming time in line with the development of science and technology in the world and the application of advanced scientific and technological achievements domestically.

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