In the afternoon of December 04, 2017, at PVFCCo’s headquarters, leaders of PVFCCo  had a meeting with the delegation of investment funds and brokerage institutions led by Petrovietnam Securities Incorporated (PSI). Attendees included Mr. Le Cu Tan - Chairman, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien - Vice Chairwoman – Spokeswoman of PVFCCo -  together with heads of divisions, IR team and nearly 20 investment funds, brokerage institutions at home and abroad.

At the meeting, in the spirit of transparency and openness, PVFCCo leaders and investment funds, brokerage institutions discussed and exchanged information on business activities, implementation of PVFCCo’s projects, plans on operation and product sales of NH3-NPK complex project, prices of gas for input material, VAT policy, plan of divestment of State-owned equity to 51% in 2018…

At the closing, PSI representative expressed sincere thanks for the well-prepared reception and useful information provided by PVFCCo at the meeting, simultaneously, wished PVFCCo to keep updating information to help investors reaffirm their solid confidence in selecting DPM as one of strategic stocks in their investment portfolio.

Reportedly, PSI is the manager and operator of PVN-Index of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN). By publishing the quarterly PVN-Index bulletin and organizing company meeting like this one, PSI carries out communication tasks for the PVN-Index and also provides updated information on business activities of PVN’s members to investors to help them better understand these companies and take efficient investment opportunities.

Here are some photos at the meeting:

 Mr. Le Cu Tan - Chairman speaks at the meeting

 Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien - Vice Chairwoman answers questions of the investors.

 Representatives of investors and brokerage institutions discuss with PVFCCo leaders.

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