In July 2019, in the context of 60 years of oil and gas industry to implement Uncle Ho"s wish, we went to the Plants producing Phu My Urea and Phu My NPK -typical construction works of Vietnam oil and gas industry, a symbol of the industrial-agricultural alliance with main fertilizer products of the oil and gas industry to serve domestic agriculture.

Overview of Phu My Fertilizer Plant

A corner of Phu My Fertilizer Plant

Reportedly, in the  peak period to supply products for the Summer-Autumn crop/rainy season, Phu My Fertilizer Plant is operated with urea production capacity of up to 110%

Phu My Urea is the product that Vietnamese farmers have trusted and used for many years

Inside the central control room of Phu My Fertilizer Plant

The quality of products is strictly tested at modern laboratories, only products meeting the standards are allowed to be packaged and exported to domestic regions

Product release

Mr. Bui Đinh Thu from Production Process department of the Plant shared that: We have long engagement to the Plant, have a high sense of awareness and responsibility, regularly check and periodically maintain the equipment as well as improve knowledge and experience in producing new products, with the Corporation and the whole industry, to overcome challenges and keep sustainable development, better implement the wishes of Uncle Ho in new situations, especially in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which has been strongly occurring

Since 2018, in addition to traditional products such as Phu My Urea, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation has operated Phu My NPK Plant

Inside the Control room of Phu My NPK Plant

In order to provide fertilizers for the rainy season, the Plant has successfully produced many new  formulas, such as: Phu My NPK 17-17-8+10S+TE, Phu My NPK 17-15-9+10S+TE, Phu My NPK 16-8-17+TE, Phu My NPK 16-7-17+TE and Phu My NPK 17-7-17+TE

With these new formulas, sets of Phu My NPK produced by PVFCCo are diverse in the content of primary, secondary and micro-nutrients, not only suitable for farmers’choice but also reducing fertilizer costs in the context of low agricultural prices

Besides the content of nutrients, Phu My NPK also has diversification and renewal in packaging

Phu My NPK storehouse

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