Phu My NPK Plant of PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) has successfully produced many new product formulas. These are formulas of Phu My NPK 17-17-8 + 10S + TE, Phu My NPK 17-15-9 + 10S + TE, Phu My NPK 16-8-17 + TE, Phu My NPK 16-7-17 + TE and Phu My NPK 17-7-17 + TE. With these new formulas, a set of Phu My NPK products manufactured by PVFCCo are diverse in the content of primary, secondary and micro-nutrients, especially the content of secondary elements of sulfur (S) - which is considered the fourth most important nutrient element for crops, after urea, phosphorus and potassium. Sulfur is essential for crops, however, it must be used sufficiently, depending on the type of crop and soil, there are up to 6 groups of NPK formulas for Phu My NPK that add sulfur from low to high level, not only suitable for farmers to choose and use for their specific cultivation, but also reducing fertilizer costs in the context of low agricultural prices.

It is known that these formulas are the result of cooperation between PVFCCo and domestic and international scientists, from soil analysis to testing on groups of crops in each region. The experimental result shows that Phu My NPK not only increases productivity and quality of agricultural products, but it also contributes to improving soil, helping plants increase disease resistance, and resist well to severe weather conditions. In the context of continuous intensive cultivation, weather and climate are increasingly complicated and unpredictable, improving land conditions and strengthening "resistance" for crops are very important and have long-term benefits since these are the foundations for crops to continue growing and for good harvest in the following seasons.

Besides the content of nutrients, Phu My NPK also has diversification and renewal in packaging. Materials for packaging has been improved in a more stable and friendly environment way with harmonious, eye-catching colors for farmers to easily distinguish each NPK formula. In addition, on each Phu My NPK packing, there is information about detailed product instructions for each type of crops along with safety warning, etc., farmers should read carefully before using to fertilize sufficiently in a cost effective way but still achieving the highest efficiency.

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