PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo – Security code DPM) has recently been elected as one of TOP 3 Best IR Midcap Companies 2017 by financial institutions for its strict compliance with information disclosure requirements and good Investor"s Relation (IR) practices.

This is the 6th consecutive year that DPM has been the only enterprise in oil and gas industry to be elected for the award of best IR companies listed on the stock market of Vietnam. 

Upon the invitation by the Organizing Committee, on November 10, 2017, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien – Vice Chairwoman and Spokesperson of PVFCCo – attended the Award Ceremony and received the medal given by representatives of the State Security Commission and Vietstock Finance and Security e-Portal. At the Award Ceremony, DPM and two other listed companies, Saigon Securities Joint Stock Company (Ho Chi Minh) and Binh Minh Plastic Joint Stock Company (BMP), were Midcap companies that successfully passed all tests and elections and were ranked among TOP 3 Best IR 2017 by financial institutions.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien, Vice Chairwoman and Spokesperson of PVFCCo, said that DPM was very proud of being elected and appraised again as one of TOP Best IR Companies in 2017 by financial institutions. “Since IPO, DPM has always placed a great focus on investing resources for IR activities, recognizing that this is one of the most important activities in order to accurately evaluate corporate value, improve stock liquidity, and ensure the interests of shareholders and investors. In the coming time, DPM will continue focusing on promoting IR activities to better support the evaluation and selection of strategic investors upon the state"s divestments to below 51%.”

According to the Organizing Committee, the election for Best IR 2017 Award was conducted via a comprehensive survey on 672 listed companies in three categories: Largecap, Midcap and Smallcap, and selected 63 outstanding companies out of 114 ones that satisfied survey criteria. Accordingly, awarded companies were those that strictly complied with information disclosure requirements (as stipulated in Circular No. 155/2015/TT-BTC), passed a rigorous evaluation of IR activities conducted by professional financial institutions, as well as received the most popular votes from the investor community.

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