Since our launch in 2003, PVFCCo has affirmed its position as one of the leading production and business enterprises in the field of oil and gas processing as well as standing among the 150 national largest enterprises. Phu My Fertilizer Plant consistently operates at and over the designed capacity, the complex project of NH3 Unit revamp and Phu My NPK Plant construction with the first chemical technology in Vietnam has come into operation. PVFCCo owns strong human resources, modern management systems, large distribution systems, and Phu My Fertilizer is the best brand of the fertilizer industry and among the top 40 valuable brands in Vietnam as well. Along with fertilizer, PVFCCo has also gradually left its footprint in chemical field, especially for specialized chemicals and petroleum chemicals. Moreover, PVFCCo is active in agricultural extension and corporate social responsibility activities, mainly in rural areas, contributing to the implementation of the policy to Farmers, Agricultural and Rural areas (so-called “Triple-agriculture”) by Vietnam National Party and its Government, plus these act as the practical care from PVFCCo for our farmers.

PVFCCo feels proud of its achievements in the past and keeps working towards the future with a deep, serious awareness of advantages, difficulties, opportunities and threats that have been impacted its development.

With this idea, PVFCCo Executive Board continues to improve the management system towards transparency and modernization; to vigorously innovate its leadership approach, focusing on key directions and critical issues; to enhance the decentralization process, decentralizing the power to units, which comes along with more responsibilities, and performing strict monitoring and supervision; to perfect the system of governance documents in a clear, reasonable manner, creating an active and convenient path for units and departments to implement. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors is responsible for exemplifying, leading and demonstrating by specific policies and actions on innovation, consenting, listening and speaking along with doing.

On the basis of promoting core competencies, advantages regarding the brand, finance, human resources, the management and distribution system, PVFCCo keeps promoting its research and development activities to diversify product ranges, focusing on important new products with high commercialization, which is appropriate with modern, green, clean, adaptive agricultural trends; flexibly and timely imposes feasible production and business opportunities; and maintains its existing market, promotes its development, and dominates new segments to increase Corporation’s strength and ensure its sustainable development. 

PVFCCo is also going to conduct restructuring, lightening its personnel, rotating and arranging human resources in a reasonable manner with a roadmap and humanities; to keep creating a professional working environment, encourage criticism and creativity with abundance of PVFCCo Culture; at the meantime, the Corporation also offers worthy and fair incentives and development opportunities for employees, with the priority given to training, preserving and developing the next highly qualified and enthusiastic workforce by appropriate policies.

In terms of production, PVFCCo focuses on effective operation, maintenance and the mastering of new technologies and lines so that the Plants can operate stably, continuously, safely and efficiently, and ensure quality products, especially pays attention on safety, health and environment.

In terms of business, PVFCCo focuses on improving both the system in a whole and each separate link in the sustainable distribution and consumption chain, in which regional companies are considered as "extended arms", as "irreplaceable ambassadors and representatives" of the Corporation in each region.

Moreover, PVFCCo will promote the optimization of facilities and financial resources usage in an economical and efficient manner, avoiding waste.

With the accumulated resources and the desire to constantly rise, the solidarity and the enthusiastic efforts of every staff as well as the care, companion and support of shareholders and customers, PVFCCo will surely prolong its tradition of glory, steadily move forward and reach new successes.

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